Friday, January 7, 2011

not always hatin' on winter

Because I'm such a winter-hater you'll understand why these pics are so prec.
It means I was out with the boys... in the cold.
For longer than it takes to go from the house to the car and the car to Target and Target back to the car and the car back to the house.
I actually threw some snowballs.
Watch out, World.
Jon asked me, "are you SURE you want to come out, Mom?!"
So many Mom Points is this worth, anyway?!
Awww.....come on. I love these guys.
I did it for love.

Caleb might look like he's smiling but he's actually squirming and squinting with the cold of the snow and the flakes falling in his face. He hates winter almost as much as I do--but tries really hard to like it.
Bless his heart.

These two, on the other hand, embrace winter and all it has to offer.
Matthias' new prayer every day is that he can have some hot cocoa.
Hey--it's good stuff (especially the way I make it)
You want some hot with your cocoa?!
Jon asked if I'd take a pic of his snow angel.
Yeah.....I'm not exactly sure what he thought it would look like.

Onesmallhappyfamily--you are the winner of the bookmark giveaway. YAY!
Let me know which one you'd like and I'll send it your way...
A big, happy hot dog friday to you all!


  1. What a good Mom you are! I know it has been harder for me to get out with the kids this year- I'd much rather be in the warmth and sun than the snow but it is so pretty.

  2. Your kiddos are cuties! How sweet of you to brave the cold with them. I totally know what you mean about being an indoor type person in winter :)

  3. ha! mom points...i'm always trying to rack those up :)

  4. YIPEEE!! I'll take the tourquoise one! Thanks! Can't wait to see you (and my bookmark) in a couple of weeks! I play in the snow all the time, so I must have like a million mom points stored up!! :)
    P.S. Today's count says you already have 100 miles in or did you miscalculate??