Thursday, January 20, 2011

baby on board

Ever vacuum with a fussy baby on your hip? rock.
It's no easy task, people.
Can I (please) get some Mom Points for carrying around my poor (teething) baby
Love her. LOVE. HER.
But it adds a whole new dimension to easy tasks like stirring the soup in the crock.
If you can't tell...the vertical space between Char's hand and the pot is like 2.5 inches, k?
You've been there. You know. That soup's lucky it got stirred.
(a-mazing soup, by the way........tune in next tuesday for the deets)
Ahhh, baby. I'll take you anywhere.
But do you see this?!
Not the pic of the cute couple on the wall (awwwww......)
No-- the piles (and piles) of unfolded laundry on the bed.
Which can't really be done with this (cute and sweet and cute) baby on my hip.
Hey,wait.....what is that extra lump in the mix?!
Nice try, Buddy.
Nope. She's not amused. But nice try.
Hey now
I'll just pay the bills sitting on the couch, then. On my lap.
That's almost (not really) as easy as at the table.
But I can sit next to the (precious) fussy baby this way....and that just might work, right?!
Yeah.....that didn't last long.
But the camera was amusing for a (brief) moment in time.
And so was this. Remember this?! I'm going to start referring to it as the
"FussyBaby YouTube Phenomenon."
So yesterday afternoon went....not quite as planned.
I got (almost) nothing done.
But I did have a super snuggly (slightly fussy) baby to hold.
All the snuggles I wanted. And more.
Well, when you recap it that way....why did my heart sing the "Hallelujah Chorus" when Justin came walking through the door from work?!
I'm pretty sure Charity was just as happy to see this special guy who makes both of us smile.
Here's to a super Thursday
(fussy babies unfussed)
to all stopping by my little space on this world wide web today.
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  1. I am right there with you. LIttle Bit is cutting four teeth right now...the holding, the snuggling...I want to eat it up, but like you, my heart sings the hallelujah chorus and I say aloud, "Thank God you're home!" when my husband walks in the door! :)

  2. sounds like kimber...

    our you tube go-to-cure-fussy-baby video is the hippo singing "in the jungle."

    so, sick, of, it... lol

  3. Ha! I can definitely relate. I had a sick 2 yr old for the last three days and she was attached to my hip the whole time. I am actually really glad to be back at work!

  4. Teething is the worst! They go from just happy precious faces to angry little things in seconds flat. Oof!

  5. Mya is finally getting her last top two year molars...and then we will be done with teething...FOREVER!!! She hasn't been real fussy, but doesn't seem to want to go to sleep. Hmmm? Don't understand why. Char's shoes in the first picture! :)

  6. You and I are kindred spirits with the clean clothes piles and all. Yes, you get major mom points for carrying baby around all day teething. If I lived close to you or knew you at all...I'd let you borrow my kozy carrier. Hugs.