Sunday, October 30, 2011

spaghetti made from squash and what we feel like around here.

smiles from this cutie pie have been few and far between
this last week
we're a bunch of sickies over here
a lot of "downtime" has been had.....
and I can't say that's been bad
sure, the sickness (me included) has been no fun
but the extra time just chillin with the kiddos has been snuggly

Justin captured this candid moment with Matthias and me
I was looking at some school papers for his big brothers
and he just helped himself to my lap and curled his little self around me

I've loved the extra moments we've had to just chill....
(what else do you do when even the tv gets boring
and not even your energetic children can get off the couch
to do anything?!)
there's been a lot of chillin

a lot of meds
a lot of OJ
a lot of vitamins
a lot of extra pj wearing
a lot of cuddles and kisses
a lot of tissues
a lot of "you're going to get better soon"
a lot of my prayers going like this:
"help, please Jesus!"
{as I peel my weary self off the couch to meet needs...}

my fav conversation came this morning
as we missed church for the second Sunday in a row.....
I attempted to hold a church service of my own for my children
complete with a few moments of Charles Stanley on tv
{it's okay.  Justin laughed at me, too
given the audience was our 8, 5, 4 and 1.5 year olds!}

and spent time memorizing our new family Bible verse
{Jeremiah 29:11}

and spent time talking about heaven.
no more sickness there!
woot.  woot.

everything new.
some of my fav 'new things' the boys wish for in heaven:
Jon:  new sports
Caleb:  new liquids!
{I'm guessing they're talking about liquids at school. 
he's been pretty fascinated lately}
Matthias:  new socks that say M-A-T-T
{he was wearing his brothers socks today
because most of his have holes
and he needs, yet again, some new ones to wear out!}
Jon was pretty excited for me
that there's probably going to be new coffee in heaven, too

bring on heaven.

we didn't actually stay inside every minute of this last week
the boys school had their costume parade.
caleb called himself the 'oh no' doctor
"you know, the one who gives shots all the time"
{ooooh.  scary!}

{Luuuuke.  I am your father.}
this is precisely why Justin wouldn't allow me 
to give one of our boys this name (though I loved the name Luke)
Jonathan rocks both the Vader suit and the shoes with bright orange laces
classic costume meets third grade

we cheered on our parade participants
and then the youngers and I headed to the school library
for our own little party
complete with goldfish crackers and McDonalds orange drink
and spider-themed bookmarks to color

what does dinner look like when you feel like
throw a spaghetti squash in the crock
rock it for 5ish hours on low
(I turned it a couple of times)
cut it in half, remove seeds
and use a fork to remove the 'noodles' that magically appear
top with a jar of spaghetti sauce
and you could call it dinner

{or overachieve like I did
by baking some refridgerator biscuits
sprinkling them with parmesan cheese for 'breadsticks'
and then boil up some pasta to add to the squash for those
who think noodles should really be 'noodles'
oh, and I think I microwaved up some edamame, too
cause even though I give my kids poptarts
I really value nutrition.}

and that's us.
lounging on couches
try not to be jealous, k?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

3 liners

trio blocks. LOVE
hours of fun around here.
i would totally do a radio commericial if KLove did those

post season Brewers games
excitement in Wisconsin
and in the fam (thanks to Papa's season tix!)

enough excitement to pull out the tray tables
order Papa John's pizza
and enjoy the chocolate soda we brought back from our getaway weekend

beautiful wedding
ceremony at the Sunken Garden
the acoustics were so cool Justin didn't need a mic

laundry helpers match up the socks
my boys have figured out how to earn
'fav son of the moment' award

be still my heart
one of my offspring shares my like of campbells tomato soup
goldfish crackers make it super fun

how is Charity old enough to drink a capri sun?
such cuteness
she's brown-nosing her dentist already
brushing her teeth is most definitely her fav thing to do
{87% of the time she grabs the right toothbrush.  don't tell her brothers!}

my point-and-shoot camera died.
the one with masking tape and shutter mishaps since 2009.
don't feel sad for me--I have a phat dslr camera I just need to learn to use

maybe tomorrow?

Monday, October 17, 2011

construction zone.

this heart of mine has been 'under construction'
and I'm going to say right now
it's good and painful all at once.

to try to put into words what God is doing
leaves me stumbling and mumbling to put it mildly

I need a vacay from my mind and my heart
and all the renewal that's taking place.
it's like S-L-O-W down already
so I can catch my breath
{but really don't....}

on a retreat this weekend
I had an incredible time with 3 fun friends
and listening to this fun speaker
and eating fun food
at this really fun place

I've retreated before.
I know how easy it is to come home unchanged
from a weekend you think is life-changing.
but I'm pretty sure when it's a change of the heart
you take that change with you wherever you go.

i'm exhausted.
God is transforming some places in my heart
i never knew needed transforming and
i'm pretty sure i was completely unaware even existed.

the idea that our weaknesses are emphasized
to give the glory to God
and magnify His grace

is simply scary.

to be authentic and transparent
is my kinda way
i'm a 'heart on my sleeve' kinda girl
but i know, actually living it out in it's entirety
will be met with resistence.

{kinda like the week i just had before the retreat. 
 bloggless. and long.}
last weekend
justin and i had spent an amazing weekend together
my fav part spent in a quaint coffee shop
daring to 'redream' dreams of the past
that life had seemingly smothered to death

but then this week of living out our 'dream reconstructed'
entailed commitment and sacrifice and
faith-filled moments of believing what God showed us
even in the 'beautiful mess' of living it out.

mercy did i question it all in the overwhelming moments
only to find that unexplainable peace
in the silence to follow
{silence being completely metaphorical in my season of life}

i told my sister recently that
'being for God is so much harder than doing for Him'
and i'm pretty sure that sums up the construction going on
so please excuse all the bright orange barrels
as i'm in process

are you?
Call Me Blessed

Sunday, October 9, 2011


dear blogland
i've been gone for the weekend
with the man of my dreams
and i had a fab time
but now i'm behind
on laundry
snuggles and kisses from my kiddos
un-mayheming the mayhem that's mayhemmed
and just life in general
so i leave you for this week
{you'll be missed}
but promise to return
and hopefully share a 'rock the crock'
that's on my meal plan for the week
{but i make no blogging promises for i tend to break those!!}
have a super week being super
see you soon

Thursday, October 6, 2011

title it.

nothing like the sweet smell
of freshly-washed little girl locks
in lavender scented shampoo
nothing like snuggles at bedtime
lots of giggles
and an abundance of baby-style kisses
{wet. very wet}
nothing like stopping time
even if just for the moment
to savor your baby
in all her wonderfulness.

 so much to be thankful for.
lots of big things
but the small things, too
that I sometimes overlook....

{antibiotics for Charity's ear infection}
beautiful fall days
{and the smell of candles burning}
pumpkin baked goods overtaking every bakery
{and my kitchen}
email updates from close friends who live far away
{and hearing about God at work in foreign lands!}
post-season Brewers baseball
{and the joy it brings my husband}
salted caramel mochas
{and a sweet friend who brings one to MomTime for me}

have a super day looking for the big
{and small}
things to be thankful for!

Monday, October 3, 2011

apple picking
caramel apples with green and gold sprinkles
{go Packers!}
smell of cider donuts in the air
capturing toats adorbs pics of the kiddos

can't think of a better way to spend a sunday afternoon.

enjoyed this dip with the apples
added some sprinkles on top
and won some huge 'fun mom' points
(huge referring to 'fun' and not 'mom'  lol.)

here's to a beautiful monday and enjoying fall for all the beauty it is
(and not with the sinking feeling that winter is on it's way.....)