Sunday, January 9, 2011

Playoff Packers Pizza

Packers in the Playoffs = Excitement in Wisconsin
Packers in the Playoffs = Excitement in the James house!
Sorry Charity, we need to buy you some Packer clothes
(As if your closet isn't overflowing.....!)
Course, I don't have anything Packerish to wear either.
Thanks, Hon, for the shirt.
The boys were stoked for the game
so they could play in front of the tv
There were some tense moments where the guys had to stand close to the tv.
I think it intimidates the refs into making the right calls or something.

Papa John's Pizza delivered? A playoff tradition! Jon was eager to try "John's Favorite" pizza.
The verdict? It was good pizza.
But anyone who's anyone knows that Papa John's Pizza is really all about the garlic butter.
It was worth every 22 of the minutes they were late in delivering the pizza.
And the 22 times I had to explain to my 4 year old why we didn't have our pizza yet.
Charity was a little upset by the end of the game. It's okay, Sweetie. They WON.
Oh. It was just time for bottle and bed.
I'm going to miss these snuggly days when they pass (sniff, sniff)
Let's just put this day on REPEAT. It was a good one!
A good day to be a Packer fan.....GO PACK GO


  1. Oh, good for you all! Our team lost- :(

  2. love this! even though i hate the packers!:) i love your blog, laurie. thanks for inspiring me to start one too :) love you!

  3. Great pics...I sure miss you guys!

  4. Oh! I am just loving your blog! I love you telling everyone not to judge with the Christmas decor and the photos of the kitchen, etc. :) I've been laughing as I read through and Identifying!