Tuesday, May 24, 2011

rock the crock and some cuteness

am I the only blogger who sometimes adds a pic to a post
just because she feels the world needs to see it?
come on now, you all
is this incredibly cute or what?!
thanks ahead of time for agreeing with me
you all are so agreeable like that
--my silent blog readers--
 (I really love you for that)

I love you so much
I'm going to share my Vidalia Beef Sandwich recipe
if you like beef, you'll like this
if you don't like beef (holla) you'll like this
I think.
I mean.....it's worth a try, don't you think?

grab a bottle of Ken's Steakhouse Sweet Vidalia Onion dressing
pour on top of a 3ish pound roast
I use a rump roast
(Jon finds that part humorous)

Low for 8 hrs
shred meat easily with a fork

this picture CRACKS me up
because I know my hubby is holding up a dish towel
to give the pic a nice background
and the funny thing is when I asked him to do it
he didn't even give me a strange look
I'm beginning to wonder
what my blogging has done to our lives....
it's kinda scary at times, I'm not gonna lie.

so serve up this yummyness on some buns
with a sprinkling of mozzarella cheese
and, if you are awesome, some horseradish sauce
oh, my

well, sweet blogreaders.....I'm thinking about
another giveaway
what do you think?
I'm coming up on a bloggerversary
200 posts
I kinda feel like celebrating

have a SUPER tuesday!


  1. that looks so good…and i love the dish towel effect ;)

  2. That pic is cute enough to share with the world!

  3. Yes, she is super adorable and I'm glad you added that picture!
    The sand. looks yummy with a very nice touch adding the dishtowel... ;)

  4. ha! i am dying at the fact that he obediently held the towel without second guessing you. and yes, i think it's 100% acceptable to post a picture just because. it's YOUR blog! and i am SO trying that recipe. it looks delish!

  5. So I tried to comment yesterday and my computer was being weird...BUT she is SO cute!! And I love her little leggings---Sophia has some just like that..from Walmart I think?