Friday, January 28, 2011

following the rules, people

Rules were made to be broken
My GIVEAWAY Wednesday commenters need to all go out and buy themselves some bumper stickers with this sentiment.
You guys are hilarious.  Seriously hilarious and seriously bad rule followers. 
But I love you all anyways.
Alisa B, you are the GIVEAWAY Wednesday winner of the week.
Well, yay for you!  (insert excited fist pump in your honor)
Now you'll be smiling in this winter weather as your flower dances in the window has that effect on most people
Of course, how can a picture of a cute baby not make you smile. 
See, now we're all smiling to start the weekend off right!


  1. So glad to see her smiling and NOT attached to your hip to boot-
    Have a happy day and weekend!

  2. She seriously is precious in every way! ;)

  3. Guess I'm a rule breaker! I was a little confused, I admit. I re-read it just now and it is pretty clear. Sorry!
    And poor Caleb! So sad he isn't better. Praying no one else gets it!!!

  4. HUMPH I can't believe I didn't win!!(kidding) Actually records are made to be broken, rules, well we try... I love seeing pictures of the kiddos.

  5. Thanks Laurie! Your daughter does make me smile & seeing your family together & happy makes me happy!