Wednesday, January 26, 2011

James fam loves Cross fam (GW !!)

We spent the weekend in Bear Country
With Bears fans
It's ok--we love em
 And I'm pretty sure they love us, too
Cause they broke out the sacred Pub Snack Mix
And that is some amazing stuff
And they introduced me to this magical machine
Nespresso.  It had me at presso
Cause that's all you had to do to get an a-mazing cup of espresso
with the wonderful wonderfulness on top
presso a button (get it?)
after long, fun days and sleepless nights with a teething baby...
I may have had a cup or two enough nespresso for an extra  person or two
some hangin with good friends saturday night
wish I had gotten pics of playing Gnip Gnop

Caleb was not at 100%, poor thang
Such a trooper though
Is that an Illini blanket wrapped around my son?!
 There was a lot of interest in the ipad. 
Even Charity was entranced by this modern technology
There was some serious Catan competition
Grudges were held and kept for unbiblical amounts of time
But in the end there was love so that's all that matters, right?!
There may have been a little Bears V. Packers in the house
Even discord among the M&Ms
Even if I was into beer brats there's no way you'd see me out freezing for food
But Justin was all about it
Even though the house was divided, there was fun to be had
And the better team won, so all was good in the end
What?!  Come on, I had to put that in there.

Well, you should be glad that you're all readin up on the James fam in the
Justin & Laurie Story
Cause by Super Bowl Sunday I'm going to find the picture of the two of us back in 1998
13 years ago, the last Packer Super Bowl Party. 
Yeah I'll post it. Yeah you'll laugh a little. 
But at least by '98 the bangs on my forehead had calmed down a bit from the earlier 90's version
Just a little something to look forward to....
(these guys played A LOT of video games.  can you tell?  a boys dream weekend was had)

You know what else you can look forward to?
And what I have this week for you all is at the heart of why I do giveaway wed's in the first place
To give you all a reason to smile
And if a solar-powered dancing flower doesn't make you smile
Nothing will 
I'm going to change things up a little this
I'm going to give you the chance for 2 entries to win one of these fun flowers
Comment #1--tell me why you are smiling today (even without a solar-powered dancing flower)
Comment #2--tell me "Packers Rule"
No snide comments or remarks or additions to the statement
 (alright, if you want to add "Bears drool" I'm not going to stop you, k?) 
 that's an order straight from the author of this blog
I'll announce the winner on friday so you all have 2 days
to figure out what window's going to be rockin when you win


  1. I am smiling today because I got to wake up slowly in a warm bed, thanks to my husband handling breakfast for the kids this morning!

  2. I am super happy because I have TWO awesome kids that God gave to me and Chad!! And I know they would love a solar powered flower! Plus, Packers rule. (you made me put it there...personally, I could care less about football!!)

  3. Packers Rule - Man I'll do anything to win. lol Sorry I couldn't leave it alone. I tried, I really tried.

  4. Do I have to say "Packers Rule!" or could I also say "The Pack is Back" or even "Aaron Rodgers for MVP!"? :)

  5. The girls would love a solar powered flower! At this very moment, Maggie eating bowl after bowl of cereal makes me quite happy!

  6. I am happy because all though the little guy had an upset tummy, I got some snuggling in with both my little girl and my little man (while daddy lay next to us). Daddy also made us some eggs and sausage. So SMILES for me.

  7. Go Pack. We took out the Falcons, the Eagles and the Bears... (What exactly is a Steeler??)

  8. After everything that happened over the weekend with Tremont students I'm happy because I have my family & we are all happy & healthy. Please be in prayer for the two Tremont students who died in the car wreck this past Saturday. The students are having a hard time with the grieving process!

  9. I'm smiling because I am currently snuggled under an electric heated fleece throw, just need my cappacino. (Some day I will look up the spelling of that word, but for now it looks good).

  10. i'm smiling cuz i have the coolest ex-roomie ever and i love her blog. but i can't say that other thing. i just can't. green and yellow m&m's look that close enough?

  11. I'm happy because I'm going to go get my hair cut in a few minutes and that I'm not sick. But everyone else here is. :(
    I really don't care about football so whatever...go Packers!
    Love the flowers and the pic of Laynie! Thanks for including it!

  12. It looks like you had So much fun! Thanks so much for stopping by ThreeBoys! Hope to see you around soon:)

  13. I am smiling today because I saw the solar powered flowers and it reminded me of our solar powered grasshopper! My 6 yr old is super stoked about seeing what the grasshopper will do, if and when we actually have some sun! :o)

    On a side note, your calves hurting might have to do with your foot type of all things. If you have flat feet or low arches, you might be a "pronator" which just means, when you run, you strike the ground with the outside and back of your heel. You have excellent shock absorption, but you will tend to suffer injuries to your calf muscles (soleus and gastrocnemius muscles). You need to have firm, supportive shoes with straight lasts and firm heel. The shoes will help you correct your pronation and I can't stress STRETCHING enough. I think it's wise to walk for a couple weeks and just stretch daily. Stretch out your calves and achillies tendons. Everything is connecting and getting some great stretching in for the next couple weeks and then just making it a life long habit, will help keep you from getting injured again. I think ease into a modest training program with a goal, like a race or something and just be gentle and patient with yourself. Walking can be boring, but it is still movement and you will heal if you are patient. I hoped this helped a bit. Google your foot type and running and pronation and supination if you have high arches. It's all connected.

  14. I am smiling today because my daughter begged me to help with dishes and her enthusiasm helped me stop putting off that detestable chore.

  15. Of course PACKERS RULE!!!!! Can I just say that I am beyond super excited for the Super Bowl?

  16. I am (not) smiling today because I did a stupid thing and took in a cat. That's right, Laurie, you heard me! Anyway, things are not going as rosy as planned, and hopefully by the time the Packers Rule in the superbowl, we will have found a lovely new home for our friend. :)