Tuesday, January 4, 2011

CharBear and da boyz

To put between the pages of all the 300+ page novels I read weekly (L to the O to the L)
In all my spare time (insert chuckle)
I just couldn't resist making a couple of these fun bookmarks.
(Tune in tomorrow for a little tutorial and a little credit where credit is due...)

So anyways.....I really thought I took more pics of ringing in the new year at the James house. But I guess the theme of new years 2011 was quite obvs--it was about taking pics of Charity and the guys in (somewhat) cheesy (but still so precious) pics....

Charity & Daddy
(her fav guy and mine)
Charity and Uncle Kyle
(newest member of the fam, married my little sis this summer)
Charity and Mr. Dan (James fam friend)
Charity and her Bro's
(no more Christmas miracles of all 4 looking at the camera at the same time)
To ring in the New Year, we played the game, Would you Rather?...
At first we played with the cards that were given and were forced to make life-altering decisions like,
"Would you rather lick a public library keyboard or a bus stop bench?" and
"Would you rather wake up covered in snails or with slime coming out of your ears and nose?"

Total. Ewww.
But then.....then we went off-script.
The boys and their cousins came up with such original questions like,

"Would you rather put your ear on Mr. Dan or go to a Brewers game?" and
"Would you rather eat pizza for 1,000 days or wear purple pajamas?"
And one of the cousins was a little preoccupied with including "wearing a bikini" in any and every
"Would you rather" question.....
Ahhh--entertainment from elementary minds.

But here's one question from the night I'm still wrestling with:

"Would you rather not eat any sweets for the rest of your life or be able to eat sweets but also have to eat 5 servings of brussel sprouts each day?"
I can't say I've ever had brussel sprouts but that's just one of those things I know I don't like....you know?

And 5 servings?!
But seriously.....like giving up sweets is even possible.

So I'm undecided on this. I just don't know which way I'd go... and as a rule I'm generally pretty decisive in life.

So here's your would you rather ...

Would you rather have me GIVEAWAY one of the bookmarks I made or would you rather have me send the GIVEAWAY winner 55 Hershey Kiss wrappers?
(making sure I have that many wrappers available would be no prob....)

Leave an answer and you'll be entered in the GIVEAWAY that will have a winner announced FRIDAY.

Holla! I changed the GIVEAWAY WEDNESDAY rules. 2 days to comment, Blogger B's.

Have a super, GIVEAWAY WEDNESDAY....first one of 2011!


  1. Hmmmm since I can't think of a super crafty idea for the 55 wrappers, I guess I'll go with one of the super cute and crafty bookmarks you made. :)

  2. I'm going to have to go for cute bookmark -the wrappers would just make me want to go out & buy more candy!

  3. Hook me up with the wrappers, provided you are the one eating all the candy! Just kidding, book mark of course. What I'd really like is bigger font, giveaway the little font so those of us with old eyes can haave an easier time reading =]

  4. Bookmark, please. For all the (magazine) reading I do, I really need a bookmark!! :)

  5. Thanks for putting uncle Kyle in your blog. I feel so much more a part of the family now. Maybe you could write about how we spent like four of the first five days of the new year over at your house and how much fun that was :) just a thought. And I would totally take a bookmark.

  6. Bring on the bookmark :) Sounds like a fun game! I loved it when our dad would ask us those kind of silly questions!

  7. I vote bookmark! I can always use a bookmark it would be a great improvement over the toilet paper I have been known to use.