Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My J-O-B

I love being a mom. I love being there for my kiddos and taking care of them. I always say, "I enjoy 9 minutes out of every 10 of being a mom." Probably more than that...but there are days that help bring that amount down!!
Today my oldest boy was sick. Poor thing woke up at 2 am complaining of an earache. Took him to the doctor this morning, along with his two little brothers, to learn that he had an ear infection. Bummer. First one in almost 7 years for him. So for the next 10 days part of my job description will be to remember to give him his antibiotic 2 times a day....and for a prego brain that is way tougher than it sounds!
After the doctors office came a trip to Kmart pharmacy where I also bought my sick-o kiddo Jonathan some fruit snacks as a "get well" food. We came home and I let the boys watch this crazy guinea pig spy movie called, "G-Force." Really crazy.....but they loved it.
Later in the day Jonathan worked on his Valentines for his class party on friday, which also happens to be his birthday. I assured him that the "love holiday celebration" would only occur on his birthday when it fell on a friday....because he wasn't too happy about sharing his special day. But I will be making a pan of brownies for his class--another enjoyable part of my job. Especially because that means I get to taste the batter and make sure it' know.....edible.
Hey--it's just part of the j-o-b.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lord Jesus, come quickly

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not Another Stick of Butter!

Oh, the absentmindness of pregnancy! How many times am I going to go to Wal-mart or Aldi and forget what I already bought?!
Sticks of butter, cans of corn, bottles of bleach, and frozen bags of tilapia fillets are among some of the items I put in my cart because I firmly believed I needed them at the time....only to return home and line them up among the others I already had!
I sure hope Justin finds this amusing and endearing. That's his job as a husband of a pregnant wife, right? :) MERCY!