Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sugar Cookie Balls (tutorial tues on thurs)

*white chocolate almond bark
*tube of sugar cookie dough
*cream cheese (you only need 3 oz)
Spread your sugar cookie dough
out on a cookie sheet
bake until done
(325 degrees for about 10 min)
 Once cooled,
        break apart the cookie sheet
     place into a mixing bowl
                                                       and add 3 oz cream cheese
 Mix well.  Because I tasted my batter
and decided it wasn't sweet enough
I added some sugar sprinkles to the dough
hmmmmm.  possibly overrated but I like my sweets...sweet
 Roll batter into balls
                                                          Dip in melted white chocolate. 
                                                   If you freeze the balls first, this is easier!
                           My apologies if you don't have a cool chocolate melter like I do
                                                      I hear the microwave works well, too...
see here for original recipe I adapted this from!

Sprinkle it up before the chocolate hardens
I'm keeping mine in the fridge--not sure if you need to or not
but it's got 3 oz cream cheese inside
anyways, YUM
the inside tastes like sugar cookie dough
and then mixed with the crunchy outside these balls are

Enjoy your Thursday!  We plan to.....a trip to the mall in the A.M.?! 
Possibly.  I've got some ad-or-able pics to claim
and the wall in the living room is all set

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Love, Laurie for the fam


  1. Don't those just sound like melt in your mouth deliciousness!! I'm a little afraid of them-

  2. Thanks for stopping by my chocolate covered cheesecake post. Your sugar cookie truffles sound yummy. Every Wednesday I feature recipes from all around blogland. Hope you can stop by. Have a great weekend.