Wednesday, February 20, 2013

shauna niequist's {NEW} book...i've got it (and random)

warning:  this is a random post.
filled with some pictures.
{ not of people.}
well, one of me.....ummm......
but most people pics these days have been on my new ipad
which i'm still learning to us and have no idea
how to get pics from there to here....
a lot's been happening in these parts,
{ but more on that later }
here's a little randomness.....
and some fun news
i made these pics awhile ago
inspired by romans 12:12
and pinterest.
it involves scribbling (fun)
temporarily attaching stencils (ohmercy)
and spray-painting on top (messy)
and removing stencils (wallah)
but the real story involves a couple nights ago
when the hubs and i were chatting about life and stuff....
(nothing major, just stuff.....'waiting' kinda stuff)
all of a sudden
the patient in afflication sign
fell. off. the. wall.
just like that!
in the middle of the chat.
justin was not nearly as moved by that as i was
but i'm all about situational irony and such.

some friends have been spurring me on
via a facebook page called WORD Challenge
to memorize verses twice a month,
beginning and mid month.
great stuff.
as one of them pointed out,
when you're memorizing Scripture
you're focusing on each and every word.
i tend to be a "glance overer" if i'm not careful.
and memorization kicks that right on out of me.
funny how the little phrase
"let your gentleness be evident to all" can really rock your world
if you let it.
{and i have....and......oh, my}

caringbridge brings people together,
albeit under sad conditions.
i've been so inspired by the faith of a couple in our congregation
whose daughter is fighting for life.
the poetic words of a trusting dad who knows his girl
is being held by the Lord in this time.
the slow healing of this teen girl,
the two steps forward, one step back journey towards recovery
the steadfastness of God every step of the way...
dear Jesus, please uplift this family
give them amazing peace during this time
and heal makayla's body for Your glory.

right now on my table there are
flowers to brighten up the gloom that is february....
thankful for the small things.
as i have mentioned (ahem) i have a glorious new ipad.
and i have a Bible app.
but there is just something about the pages to turn,
the highlighting and underlining that can be done,
and the tears that can stain the pages of a bulky Bible.
{ amen? }

february (and january)
and half of march.....
it's sad when you hope for another snow day
and you loathe snow as i do.
but here's something to make any
winter-haters day.....
(drum roll, please)

okay, so this slightly obnoxious pic of me
includes a copy of the book,
but not just any copy,
an 'advance readers' copy.
{ yep. }
soooo excited!
i'm going to read up this book
and tell you all about it here on my blog.
{ so.... }
you can get excited, too
and then go out and buy it now or when it officially comes out.
have you ever read
check it out, you all.
and have a super
(snowy, perhaps) day!