Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Val Day, '11
James fam style

Charity is her Daddy's Little Valentine

We had a fun (slightly hurried) breakfast of Pull-Aparts
Recipe here
p.s. I did not let my sons drink Crush soda at breakfast
but since I gave them out I was asked a couple million times
if they could be consumed (before lunch)
not the brightest idea ever
but Mom Points for the cool soda in glass bottles, right?!

Happy 1st Valentine's Day, Charity
I'm so glad you're a part of our family this year!
(however last year I remember being able to eat all the chocolate I wanted...)
These two guys were so stoked about the 4K Valentines
they didn't wait to unjacket themselves to start tearing into the treasures
Caleb wasn't sure why he went to 4K in the first place--
It was VALENTINES day, after all
Justin got me some chocolates....he knows that's my love language
well, that and emptying (and loading) the dishwasher
The cherry flav hearts were for him--he likes those fruity chewy things. 
wow, I really made those sound yummy, huh
I just figure when there's chocolate around, why bother with anything else?!
but that's just me and you gotta know your Valentine
did I mention I also got him a Packers Superbowl shirt? 
he was all about that
and he bought me something else, too....but that's just between us
G-rated blog, people!
are you tired of seeing pics of Justin & Laurie
come on, now....
here we are at Applebee's for dinner
sans. kiddos.
a big thank you to Justin's rents for that
we also movied it up budget style.  ahhh, I love the budget cinema
hilarious couple 2 rows behind us, 3 seats to the left
she couldn't see well and he couldn't hear well
it made for interesting (loud) conversations that (thankfully)
Justin and I found to be entertaining
sometimes even more than the movie itself

Remember the Cake Balls? 
 Well, these are sugar cookie balls and they are yummy
I kept Val Day '11 going a little longer
by not finishing them up until Feb 15th
 1 more day to celebrate love
tune in tomorrow for the RECIPE (only 4 ingredients!)
when I do Tutorial Tuesday on Thursday, k?
Rule.  Breakeryep.  that's me
the encouraging words and sweet designs
on these DaySpring cards
will brighten someone's day--will it be you?!
All 4 of these cards will go to the WINNER of GIVEAWAY WEDNESDAY
here are the rules (ready?!)
Leave a comment telling me one thing that brightened your day TODAY
Be specific--I love a good "day brightener"story
And just for the fun of it...
Leave ANOTHER comment (for another chance to WIN!)
answering this question:
How many muscles do you think it takes to kiss?
(it's more than you'd think,
so I'm going to start counting every one as a workout)
any answer counts as an entry

Come on, Blogger Buddies! 
You know you want to brighten my day!

Have a super day, All!

Love, Laurie for the fam


  1. I love how excited Levi is to see his big sister in the morning. His face just lights up and then so does mine.

  2. Muscles it takes to kiss...I could google this, but I'll just give you my best guess, 20.

  3. My day brightener (so far...the day day is quite young) was waking up to a very happy baby whose face lights up when she sees me!

  4. Hmmm...I'd guess 20 calories for a regular kiss and, let's say, 200 for a good one ;)

  5. My little munchkins (and husband) ~ nuf said.

  6. Nya sharing toys with the librarian today, who commented to the other librarian how happy Nya always is during toddler time/story time. It's true! She is!

  7. At least 70 some. More if your husbands mouth is huge and yours is tiny... whaaaa?!!??

  8. I got my "Our Best Bites" cookbook in the mail today! Now what should I make first. This has brightened my day & I also found my daughter's earrings in the garbage right before the garbage man came . Yah!!

  9. Day brightener - seeing the kiddos, a big Finding chocolate on clearance another one.

  10. I'm guessing 124 muscles for a kiss!

  11. My day brightened when I was able to see some of the wood on my deck. Yay, the snow is starting to melt!! My day doubley brightened when I ate my Crestwood bakery sugar cookie from Sentry that was purchased by my sweet hubby. :)

  12. Sandi, I had this guess in my head before I saw yours. Sorry it's close to yours. I'm guessing 114 muscles.

  13. My Dad and Brother might want me to say when I found out that the Brewers signed or that the Pitchers and Catchers reported to Spring Training, but my day brightened when a customer told me that my bright smile made her day. the other stuff was good too.

  14. What brightened my day was a surprise visit by my dad. He dropped my mom off to babysit (I had to work today) so he could have the car (for some reason he didn't want to take his truck wherever he was going). Anyway, it was a very quick visit but a good surprise when he walked in. Mya always smiles and hides her face when she sees "Pop Pop" so that was fun too. She loves her grandpa!

  15. It takes a lot of muscles to kiss! (Actually I have no idea so I cheated and looked on Wikipedia.)

  16. How many muscles does it take to kiss. Let me count. 1...2...3...three! (Think tootsie roll pop and owls)

    Day brightener is dropping a "that's what she said" on your husband. Always a classic.