Sunday, January 2, 2011

farewell 2010

I can hardly allow 2010 to go into the past without giving it a little farewell speech.
So here goes:

Good-bye, 2010.
You were a year like no other.
We raise our glasses and toast the end of you with great joy.
Thanks for--a year.

Today I heard a wonderful sermon given by my absolute fav preacher (hi Honey)
about perseverence.
Well, actually, it was about more than that.
It was about God. His mercy. His love.
And about the lessons in life that God must know
can really only be taught through
Living them out
Cause if there was one thing that was obvious to us throughout last year
If there was one thing that Justin and I pulled from 2010 as we lived it out
It is this:

Life is so not (NOT) about us.
But when things happen in our lives, because we're human-- we want answers, and we want all things to make sense...

But I love, love, LOVE the thought that God sees our whole life and it all makes sense to Him.
He has a plan
And, like, HELLO......He's not surprised by anything.
Because.....sometimes I'm totally surprised.
Like "never saw that one coming" kinda shocked.

And God is so good.
When we trust Him, REALLY trust Him....
We can stand amazed at the awesome things He does.
Because, Blogger Buddies,
He does some pretty radical stuff (if you'll allow me to use that 90s word)

And to think that God uses imperfect people like us
To glorify Himself

So here's to a new year, 2011.
A year about Jesus shining in us.
May the lessons of 2010 never be forgotten.
But seriously?! Let's bring on a good year, k?

Who's with me...

Our (best)Gift of Love from 2010

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  1. I couldn't agree more!! My favorite preacher just did a sermon on a similar topic. ;) we've had a rough 2010, not because of our own struggles, but because we were around so many others that had such tragedy in their lives. Because there is so little we can do to help someone grieve, I was feeling so helpless and useless. Then it dawned on's not (NoT in the slightest) about what I can do but what God can do with me. Thanks for the reminder, friend!