Wednesday, January 19, 2011

GIVEAWAY Wednesday!

These two, especially together, cr-ack me up.

They were so excited about the instant pudding we bought at the store they didn't even want me to unpack all the groceries before we whisked it with the 2 cups milk it called for.

Seriously--adding the chocolate chips on top was totally my idea because Caleb picked pistachio pudding (because...and only because... it was his fav color) and Matthias insisted on "the yellow kind."
Really, boys?! No chocolate....whose kids are you anyway?!
The chocolate chips were the compromise that made us all happy.
And when I set the timer on the microwave for the 30 minutes it had to set in the fridge before consumption? Yep. That's why they're both on Charity's highchair watching the numbers so intently.

"4,3,2,1...9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2...." You get the picture. We (well, they) counted down each second.
It gave me time to unpack those groceries, especially the ones that needed to share the fridge with the pudding.

Another reason these two cr-ack me up?! A little conversation on the way home from the grocery store......

Caleb: "I want to go to heaven to be with Jesus."
Matthias: "me, too"
Caleb: "you need to pray to Jesus to go to heaven."
Matthias: "I don't want to, I want to go heaven."
Caleb: "you need to pray to Jesus to go to heaven."
Matthias: "I don't want to, I want to go heaven."
Caleb: "you NEED to pray to Jesus to go to heaven. You can't go to hell!"
Matthias: "I don't want to, I want to go heaven."
(put on repeat)

You get the picture.

Usually, as the ever-mediating mom, I'd step in and tell them to love and speak kindly and all that "get along" stuff at this point.
But I must admit I was more than a little amused at this back and forth between them.

Ahh, my little evangelist. Like, he totally gets it, right?!
So we get out of the car and we're walking through the snow to the house and Caleb adds,
"You need to live in Wisconsin to get to heaven."
Super. Just super.
So maybe some details of the salvation message are still a little fuzzy for my 4Ker.

There are some things that I've taken pics of for the sake of this blog and felt pretty stupid.
This may top the list.
Especially as I had to stand on a chair in my kitchen for this angle and I had to tilt my head in such a fashion as to eliminate the glare off the aluminum foil.
So.....what's up with this, anyway?!
Well, it's a little glimpse into my cheap-o approach to plastic bags, aluminum foil and the like.
It's to help you understand, to grasp the full magnitude, of this:
This super-sealing, magical food-preserving, NAME BRAND wonder that I purchase and can't cope without.
I love this stuff.
I love Jesus, my family, my daily coffee with flav creamer, my chocolate, and Press n' Seal.
Somebody from Glade should send me a little kickback of the profits for that bold statement.
But the likelihood of that happening is a LOT less than the likelihood of you, yes YOU, getting a roll of this highly endorsed stuff.
Because this Press n' Seal, (well, not this exact one, a brand new roll....) is
GIVEAWAY WEDNESDAY's gift for one Super Lucky Winner.
If you already use & love it, please leave me a comment letting me know your fav thing to Press N' Seal.
If you've never tried this stuff then let me know you'd like to try a roll by commenting,
"I'll give that PNS a try" (don't say the abbreviation out loud. ahem)
If you have tried Press N' Seal.....and, (like my mother-in-law) are not a fan, leave a comment telling me to "keep your silly seal to yourself."
And I will.
Have some fun with me today, Blogger B's.
All you commenters last week rocked my comment world!
Have a super (GIVEAWAY) WEDNESDAY, k?!
p.s. don't forget the winner will be posted on Friday--2 days to comment!


  1. I haven't tried PNS before, but often fight with my cling wrap. So maybe I need a change. btw - I like your new header.

  2. i have never tried PNS but just like Katies post = saran wrap is just too clingy & hard to put on before it sticks to everything but what u want it on! I would love to give PNS a try!!!

  3. I freakin' LOVE the stuff! What DON'T I use it on?!?!? I think my favorite feature is that it sticks to plastic. I used it Saturday to seal a bowl with some dough that needed to rise. Several months ago I went back to regular plastic wrap to see if the PNS was as great as I thought it was and, believe me, PNS is worth every penny! Hop on the bandwagon!! Believe the hype!! ;)

  4. I LOVE that stuff! awesome. AND I love pistachio pudding....mmmm

  5. Oh Laurie, your post gave me a good chuckle again today. Thanks for brightening my day with your realness and sense of humor.
    Regarding the PNS stuff, I've not tried it yet but can tell you Trisha Martinez is JUST as passionate about the stuff! We're both pretty thrifty, as you, when it comes to plastic wrap, bags, foil-but she swears by this stuff as well and recommended it to me awhile ago.
    So why haven't I tried it? I guess I'm still wondering if it really WILL work and what would I use it for? And is it worth it?
    Have a great day, Laurie!! xoxo

  6. Loved the back seat story with the boys.
    I've used the PNS before however, I must say I don't buy it. Because, hmm. I guess because I really mainly use rubbermaid-

  7. That stuff is BRILLIANT! We've found that it works for other non food things Dad had pacemaker surgery..needed to shower, couldn't get the area we put PNS on it. Worked PERFECTLY! :) I love your blog..just spent the better of the morning trolling it!

  8. I have tried it, but I'm too cheap to buy it. I, unlike my husband, am able to cut the regular plastic wrap from the box without difficulty so I stick with the cheapo stuff. If I need something to really have a good seal, I put it in a bowl with a lid.
    P.S. Dan should NOT count in the drawing for that lame, didn't-follow-directions comment!

  9. Thanks for your sweet comment! I am loving your blog! And I totally identify on running on coffee (sadly, mine is now decaf) and fruit snacks. Way to keep it real! I also totally identify with your pile of non-name-brand baggies, etc. and I have to tell you that I've only owned one box of PNS. My Dad bought it for me the first time he and my mom came to visit...and it took me years to use it all - because I was super stingy with it - cause I'm too cheap to buy it. :) So, I would LOVE to win a box!!!

  10. OK, you can keep your PNS, maybe you could keep mine too =]

  11. I have NEVER used PNS but REALLY want to try it. My friend Heather swears by it. Please, please pick me! I have the worst luck with Cling Wrap sometimes so this could be my saving grace...

  12. Laurie - I think you've convinced me to use PNS just by reading your blog! I've actually never heard of it before, ok well, maybe I have, and just didn't pay any attention to it. I hate (and I know hate is a strong word) but I HATE Cling's so frustrating!! :o)

  13. Oh my goodness I almost missed Giveaway Wednesday. It's one of the highlights of my week. Seriously! Except that I haven't won yet...can't you rig this thing to give your old roomie a break?! Just kidding, I'll just keep trying my luck. :) First of all, I second Dan: GO BEARS! Second of all, PNS is pretty great, the only beef I have with it is that sometimes if you unstick to cut a brownie that's in the pan...and then try to restick it to cover the brownies back doesn't really work the second time.

  14. Never tried it, but would be willing to give it a whirl. GO PACK.
    "The Chicago Bears football practice was delayed nearly two hours today after a player reported finding an unknown white powdery substance on the practice field. After a complete analysis, FBI forensic experts determined that the white substance unknown to players was the GOAL LINE. Practice resumed after special agents decided the team was unlikely to encounter the substance"

  15. I have rarely used PNS but I am have pretty good luck with cling wrap, however I would love to give that PNS a fair try.