Saturday, May 31, 2014

Spring it, warmer weather

Easter celebrating happened.
He is risen!
It never gets old to celebrate such exciting stuff
Gbread House
Fantastic cupcakes all the time.
I got to go with the cutest girl with newly pierced ears.
Size 2 shoes for this guy
when did that happen?
glad for Dad who has the patience for this....#bestdadever

sweet cuddles from this lil man in the fam
the cousins can't get enough of him
{ but neither can I, of course }
you can be a winner at the game of life
or you can spend the whole morning playing and lose
either way, you had fun with these 4, that's guaranteed
a school project for the star student of the week
we're glad for who he is, too
and that he's a part of this family (we heart Matt)
our new home comes with lots and lots and lots of flower gardens
most of them just plain
but this one right in front of the house? 
Char and I are having fun trying to be green thumbs
no one needs to remind this kid to read for school
we can pretty much find him reading anywhere, anytime

green grass to play football on
bring it

listening to Library Mouse by Matthias
read in true kindergarten style
absolutely melts my heart.  
power tools with grandpa
a new counter to cover the dishwasher
spring projects overflow in our new house (!!!)

celebrating Justin's birthday
the big 3-4
rootbeer will be had in abundance
breaking in the fire pit in our new backyard
how can we have s'more if we haven't had any yet
fire is fun
crazy hair day for school spirit
a mohawk and a hawkmo
bringing back the weekly slushie trips
how convenient there's a sonic on the way home from school
nerds can now be added to slushies, children rejoice
{ parents gag }
with this smiley girl
there is lots of coloring and painting and coloring and playdoh
and coloring.  have i mentioned coloring?
Professor Caleb gets a chance to wow his class
as the 2nd grade groovy student
Jon gives Little League a try
and loves it
complete with awesome water jug and new bat

keeping traditions alive with
star-spangled banner covered strawberries
Memorial Day 2014
great gift for new neighbors
some things there are no words for
with 3 big brothers and a knack for girlygirlness
this beautiful baby of the fam can be downright hilarious
we love her so

so spring it, warmer weather
we're living it up around here.