Friday, November 15, 2013

fall warm fuzzies.

Marshmallows. with a lil hot cocoa.  
And argyle cardi.....swoon
Fall football.  Intenseness.

Be still my heart, Jon James.  You make your mama coffee and give her sweet notes.
Never. letting. you. go.
The trifecta of James boys have infiltrated Hadfield school and it will never be the same.
Father and son duo.  Middle children from gen to gen.
I sent him to kindergarten and he now he thinks he's a man.  Just 'stache' him.
The girls sometimes visit Dad in his (new) church office when the boys are at school.
Especially Wednesday Bible study morns.
A boy and his guitar.  Someday I am told it will sound as good as this pic looks.
Pastor Caleb brings us the Word on a Sunday morn when the roads prevented us from church.
Double trouble you think?
Carcasonne.  A new family addiction.  Fun times.

That's the fall in these parts.  
{At least all the warm and fuzzies of it.}