Wednesday, November 24, 2010

cake balls

For the second Saturday in a row,
I embraced Chicago and it's dining and shopping opportunities.
Here is a brief recap of
Lisa, Lynn, and Laurie and our day in Schaumberg:

Cheesecake Factory for lunch:
  • BBQ chicken pizza. Yay.
  • No cheesecake. Boo.
  • Opportunity for a Re-do? Yeah.
Woodfield Mall shopping:
  • Lush (I'm in love)
  • H & M (bargains)
  • McD's (beverage pick-me-up)
  • search for curtain material: fail
  • search for treats for the fam: success
  • ginger snap cookies in cappucino flav: consumed on the way home
  • every monumental life happening in the last 3 months
  • crafty projects cuz we're so crafty
  • all the good deals at H &M
  • a recipe for Cake Balls (well.....that's what I've been calling them)
um, this what they're supposed to look like?! Well--minus the popsicle sticks you told me you put in (because I didn't have any)
Oh, and I added sprinkles.
I haven't officially tried one myself because in the process of making them I ate about an eighth of a cake's worth of batter (I think).....but the fam has given them rave reviews.

Cake Balls: 
make a cake
crumble it up in large bowl
mix with a can of frosting
roll into balls
dip in melted chocolate
sprinkle them up
{oh my}


  1. Your "cake balls" look a lot like oreo truffles. Which now has me craving those. I might be craving cake balls, but I've never had those. Oh yeah, "Mystery doesn't scare me."

  2. mystery doesn't scare me!!!!!!!!!! and happy thanksgiving! :)

  3. Embrace the opportunity, mystery doesn't scare me! And the cake balls, yum, I shouldn't have shared them =(

  4. My name is in red. That means I have to blog now because someone might actually see it!! But that's OK, because MYSTERY DOESN'T SCARE ME!!!!

  5. Mystery doesn't scare me. Its kind of like an adventure, and I LOVE adventures!

  6. Hilarious....just got a chance to catch up on the blog. Cakepops are what they are called...but minus the stick, your name works too. Yummy, eh? Haven't tried the capp cookies yet....but it sounds like they were a hit with you!