Monday, March 7, 2011

Rock the Crock....rockin one wonder

this is just something I had to share with you all
it's a one ingredient wonder
to Rock the Crock
and I just can't keep it inside any longer
I have to shout it out to all of Blogland so you all will know
and try it for yourselves
this one ingredient....dare I say.......miracle
that takes place
Justin and I just can't quite figure out why this would work
but it totally does
so you take a can (or two) of
 sweetened condensed milk
and you pour it into a glass dish that fits inside your crock
you need to pour water around the dish about 3/4 of the way up when its inside the crock
so depending on how carefully you pour the water you can do that before or after
placing the dish inside
does that even make sense...if not, look at pic below

and then you're set
after your kiddos stop peering inside just place the lid on top the crock
and turn on low
what's going to happen?! you ask
well after about 3 hours you're going to stir your mixture and see
behold! you've got caramel
I know.  I can't figure it out either
(note:  I've received comments that other crockpots
bake this caramel slower....
you're looking for a light brown color and thick consistency)

this thick caramel can be poured into a graham cracker crust
banana slices placed on top
with whipped cream and heath bar pieces
and you can impress everyone with a yummy dessert

but my fav way to enjoy the caramel is by itself
with some apple slices to dip

the best thing about this one ingredient rocker
is that it makes me feel very accomplished
I've MADE something
(insert loud cheering and wild applause)

let me tell you why that feeling is so important right now
see this cute adorable wonderful little girl below?

well, she's an over achiever already
working on getting 5 teeth
all at once

and this mom who has lost a lot of sleep
over that impending accomplishment in her daughter's  life
and has performed many a task only one- handed
needs a little Rock the Crock miracle
to make her day seem a little more.........
well, accomplished, too

just remember to make a dinner for your family
along with the Caramel Banana Pie
I forgot the dinner part because I was so excited about the caramel concotion
and Justin ended up running out to get subs for dinner
so how's that for keepin it real?!
no super woman here...just one who's pretty stoked about this recipe

found here
Love, Laurie for the fam


  1. Oh my. I love chocolate with carmel being a very close second. This is a super rock the crock!
    -Sorry you are one tired mommy. I wish I could come hold your sweet 5 teeth popping at one time babe!

  2. I totally feel ya on the teething many teeth at once. My daughter didn't get any teeth until after her first birthday... and they've came in pairs since then! She's working on 3 right now!

    I LOVE THIS. Thank you SO much for posting! My husband LOVES caramel and I can never make it successfully (who has the time???). I am FOREVER grateful for this recipe! ha!

  3. Sooooo cool! I can't wait to try it!
    Poor Char! And poor you! BUT Hearts at Home is just around the corner so maybe you can get a little reprieve! Not sleep necessarily, but at least there won't be crying babies there! :)

  4. that caramel looks amazing. and so easy to make. win win! yummy:)

  5. I made yummy, although your's looks darker than mine. I served it on vanilla ice cream and sprinkled a little salt on mine for a salted caramel sundae!