Friday, January 14, 2011

hot cocoa love

In the James house, we've been having a lot of this
and my boys are all about the marshmallows (or "marsh-marsh-moes" as Caleb says)

Speaking of Caleb, Wednesday night was his Hot Cocoa Date with Mommy.
We went to the most quaint place, right around the corner, known as McDonalds.
Hey--it was his choice.
This is my most precious pic from our outing. He wanted to rest his head on my lap while we waited for our hot cocoa (fast food?! whatevs. this was GOUR.MET) Somehow he talked me into getting a chocolate chip cookie, too. Can't resist those big blues.
And he s-low-ly, spoonful by spoonful, drank his cocoa.
After we both blew on it to make it cool.
Because every little boy knows that their mommy is the ultimate food cooler.
It was a special time talking about all things 4K, favorite colors, Diego, and an upcoming 5th birthday.....which is what prompted this big grin.
Because he really believes that I can make a Candy Land cake that's as big as he is.
Maybe he'll settle for a 9 x 13 with some Skittles and Snickers arranged nicely?!
What a fun time with my middle boy.
Yay for you! Be expecting your iced latte and peanut butter bar soon...
Thanks to everyone who threw a comment in this week--what fun!
You guys are the best.
Have a super Friday, All!
(taking a 5 day rest from 500 mile running goal due to strained calf muscles. huge bummer)


  1. Yay for me, but maybe I shouldn't play anymore, I'm a frequent winner. It's great to be me.

  2. Ice, ice, rest, and stretching...but you already knew that!!

  3. Hey Laurie,

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    Download Windows Live Writer. It's awesome. I just tried a test post on mine entitled Personality. See if you see the different fonts within the post (not just the title).

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    lemme know if you see the different funky font! 'cause i don't know if you can see that font if it's not specially on your computer... still trying to figure it all out!