Thursday, September 1, 2011

out of the mouths of babes. embrace it.

defined by wikipedia as 'childrens garden'
(wow.  that explains a lot)
Caleb's all smiles for today

he's been sufficiently kissed
(if that's possible)

he's had the annual 'back to school' trip
to chuck e cheese with the fam
but here's the real sign my sweet boy is ready
for the wiles of kindergarten:
(at least for this mom's heart....)

at registration
Caleb's teacher gave him a
'kindergarten confetti' poem
(and. a bag of confetti)

the poem speaks of the night before kindergarten
and how there's excitement and it's hard to sleep
so says the poem....
sprinkle the kindergarten confetti under your pillow
and then you'll be able to sleep before your big day

Caleb's matter-of-fact response?!

'or I could just pray.'

{and that's exactly what I've been doing all night. and now all day}

have a super day
lifting up all your cares and concerns to the only One
who truly gives rest to the anxious heart.
{ philippians 4:6-7 }

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  1. SWEET boy! Can't wait to hear about his first day... :)

  2. Love his teacher's creativity and your son's response about praying. You are doing your job right, mama!

  3. I love the poem! Great pictures.

  4. Love the 2nd shot! Cute little poem. :)

  5. love that he said that. such a smart boy.

  6. What a smart boy you have :) SO sweet!! Love the kissing photo!

  7. Precious! My kids would also love your Chuck E. Cheese tradition...but they won't miss what they don't know :). I love, "or I could just pray." I've done that as a kid and until now :).

  8. Amen! First I was loving the teacher's idea (I still do) but then when your son said "I could just pray" ....Wow. You've got a great son...but I know you already know that!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, glad to have found yours!

  9. Sweet pics! I hope he had a blast on his first day!

  10. LOVE this post. Caleb's words are so tender and sincere. What a precious heart he has! He has challenged me with his words -- just pray! :) So simple, yet so true.

  11. "or i could just pray," i love it!