Saturday, January 26, 2013


a rowdy new year's celebration with some extended fam
to ring in the New Year
is nothing compared to the rowdy found when you coop up
4 kids in a van for 4 hours
on your way to peoria, il
where these 2 get all dressed up
in fact, the whole fam does......
to celebrate the exciting wedding of these 2
aka Mr and Mrs Dunham
(congrats, guys!)
the same weekend the parents of the fam
introduce the kiddos to one of their fav restaurants,
joe's crab shack
and our vacation weekend gets extended by the cross fam

who unexpectantly have us over for the night and
teach us the wonderful new game of carcassonne
(love them, love this game, love sandi's nespresso, fun times)
For girl's night in little lovely lady talks her mama into hot pink pedis
and sparkle nails.  For both of them.....
because the mama knows these days won't last forever
along with the notes her boys still let her slide into lunch boxes
{ sigh... }
Upwards basketball interests a new member of the James fam
as lucky #13,  Caleb James,  takes the court
(go Bobcats!)

and Big Papi takes on a coaching role for team Thunder
as a star player, a one Jonathan James, scores some baskets for sure.
Sometimes Matthias gets to eat Scooby Doo
overpriced Campbell's soup in front of the tv watching a fav show
on an incredibly discusting blustery day in WI.
(sometimes, though that doesn't stop him from asking everyday.....)
These beautiful flowers are what Justin knows Laurie loves
and they brighten yucky winter days.
This is what makes Justin a stellar, over-the-top wonderful husband
{ in Laurie's  humble opinion.....}
well, that, and his patient lego-building skillz with the kiddos. 
That's pretty hot, too......
and this whole Daddy/Daughter thing is absolutely,
positively a heart melter.
Charity's pouring some hot orange juice right there
{so don't be thinkin it's tea y'all....}
The candy jar has been emptied of candy canes and filled with starbursts
so now we're ready for 2013 to begin sweetly.
{ so bring it on. }
Thank You, Jesus, for the sweet gift of everyday.
And the even sweeter gift of family to share it with.