Friday, January 21, 2011

cold night for cocoa and company

It may have been a cold, cold night. 13 fun-lovin degrees to be exact.But I had a date that I wasn't about to break. Another "Hot Cocoa Date with Mom," this time with this cool kid...
Jon picked a coffee shop (with little to no prompting from me?!) with a decent selection of goodies and any kind of java a mama could want. He was pretty stoked about the chocolate croissant.
I was pretty stoked to be out with just him.
He is a joy to hang out with and a blast to talk to.
And because he is so much like his Daddy he did crazy things when I went to snap a pic.
Like pretending to be terrified of his chocolate croissant.
Or peering deep into his cup of cocoa.
What a nut. I love him.
And he still let me kiss him in public. My days are numbered
So I'm taking total advantage of the ones I've got left.
It was such a fun time out with my oldest son.
We laughed, told stories, shared memories, and touched on some deep issues of life
The white chocolate mocha was good-- but my company was way better.

So in my Real Simple mag, they share some ideas about sprucing up hot chocolate.
Not like hot chocolate isn't good all on it's own.
But I guess if you drink as much as my fam this chilly time of year you could use a little variety to spice things up.

Care if I share?

Option #1: add marshmallows and 3 T malted milk powder (they say to broil mallows for 30 sec?!) I say over. rated. But that could be just me...

Option #2: top hot cocoa with 1/4 cup mint chocolate ice cream and 1 sprig fresh mint (got any fresh mint in your house?! me neither...) Well, they had me at mint chocolate ice cream at least

Option #3: mix cocoa with 1 pinch chili pepper and 1 pinch cinnamon and top with 2 T whipped cream and 1 more pinch of both chili pepper and cinnamon.
That's definitey intriguing, don't you think?!

Well....there you go, Blogger B's. A little challenge set before you as you begin the weekend:
Just say "no" to boring hot cocoa

Have a great weekend, All!

p.s. the winner of GIVEAWAY Wednesday is: (do I hear a drumroll?!)
HOLLY (comment #12) Yay for you! Some Press N' Seal will be rolling your way soon....
Thanks to everyone who participated. You guys are so much fun!


  1. Ah, the Bistro...good times! I'm actually making salted caramel hot chocolate right now!

  2. So fun. Glad you were able to get out. We were snuggled in tight last night. Oh, so so cold. Hope your babe, Char, is doing better today. (: My babe slept through the night (with his cold) without his Moma in his bed for the first time all week! I feel refreshed today- you understand, right?

  3. You are such a fun mom! Thanks for my great breakfast. I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

  4. Love reading about those hot cocoa dates with your very prec :) I won...I'm so stoked! I was actually at Walmart yesterday and was tempted to buy my first roll of PNS in the event that i didn't win, because of all the hype. I resisted though and I'm GLAD I did :) (no pun intended; okay maybe it was) What a fun idea Laur, you are so creative!

  5. He is getting SO big Laurie!! And looking more and more like Justin (and it looks like acting like him too!) That is a great idea to have some one on one time with each kid away from home and all of the distractions.