Thursday, January 30, 2014

Caleb Bo Baleb

Oh, Caleb
How we love you.
You brighten up our days with all your wonderful ways.
You are quick with your wit and silly sayings that make us laugh
And quick on your feet, loving to run and run and run
And quick to share all that you have with your siblings or anyone around

Now you are 8
And that is super great
Can you please keep your toothless grin for us to cherish forever??
You laugh and smile and laugh more.
I'm this past year you have gone through some yuck tummy stuff
And you have been so brave and cheerful through it all.
Such Dad and Mom as we helped walk you through the yuck
But especially in God who heard every prayer you prayed
And every prayer that was prayed for you.
Happy birthday to YOU!
Looking forward to the year ahead and all it holds.