Thursday, January 27, 2011

A fun find for a tired mama

I took a nap yesterday the whole time my kiddos were down for one.
(you know, during that time when you actually can get stuff done?!)
So I was considering not even posting today, but then I found this super sweet looking blog which I haven't had much time to perusal (sp?!) around yet....but HELLO she's doing a GIVEAWAY and there is this SUPER WONDERFUL pillow to win! 
Go check her out here and show her some comment love to try and win the pillow. 
But don't really win because I plan on it, k?
Now.  Back to mixing more of this here stuff below.....because apparently this is the magical potion that makes my little guy's mouth feel better. 

Poor, poor little guy.  Couldn't even snap a pic to show you.  Too sad to capture.
But I have, in tough love, gotten him to eat a poptart and drink some sips of chocolate milk.
So I'm thinking we're going to be good any day now.....
Please, dear Jesus, please.  That's all I have the energy to pray.
Keepin it real.
Have a super day, All!
 p.s. don't forget to enter my giveaway from yesterday if you haven't yet!


  1. Tired Mommy, this to shall pass...
    I'm sorry your guy isn't doing well. Does he take his medicine with a yummy cookie or is he to sick to even want that? Praying for quick healing- and rest today.

  2. What a surprise! Thanks for the blog post about my blog! You are too sweet and kind! Hope your guy feels better soon! O.k., now go get some rest!

  3. I'm loving your "Coffee + comments" button. I may need that for my blog! You family is beautiful by the way.