Thursday, December 9, 2010

You Could Eat These for Breakfast. Or Lunch. Or Snack.

Breakfast at the James.
 "Poptarts" {ALDI version}. Advent chocolate.
Baby sweet potato puffs and oatmeal with pureed bananas.
Ice cold carafe of water to drink.
Box of tissues for runny noses
and a baby bath in the sink for the post-breakfast wash up.
{Just in case you were wondering}
Oh, and the poptarts are a special treat. Usually reserved for Sunday mornings but....
sometimes I break my own "Mommy Rules," you know?

Nutella Crescents...
These are not to share. Seriously.
Last night Justin and I put the kids to bed by 8:00pm
and these were fresh from the oven at 8:02.
{Funny how that happened.}
Well, here you go, a Tutorial Tuesday on Thursday.
How's that sound? (cause I kinda forgot the Tut on Tues...)

Take a tube of crescent rolls and separate all the triangles.
Spread them out a little on a pan and take a generous spoonful of Nutella
and place it in the middle of the triangle.
Press all sides together to hold in the filling
and then flip the crescents over to hide the seam.
Sprinkle with powdered sugar.
Bake @ 350 for about 12 minutes
{or until golden brown}

You're going to want to eat these immediately from the oven
or you'll have to reheat......but that just won't be a problem
because they won't last long enough to cool.
The picture of these Nutella Crescents is a labor of love for you, my Blogger Buddies,
because it meant a couple extra minutes before I could indulge in this treat
after they emerged from my oven.
{You're welcome.}

Have a super Thursday!
{today's grocery shopping list: crescent rolls, Nutella, powdered sugar}

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