Monday, January 3, 2011

info to go

You want random facts? I'm your girl. Seriously, Blogger B's, I'm one of the most random of facts people I know.

Probably because I read the most random of stuff now that I'm a mom of 4 little ones.....and by that I mean......I have about 5 minutes at a time to read. If I'm lucky.

So I read Real Simple and get all these real simple ideas. And I have the urge to share them all with Justin....who, like a very good husband, graciously listens to things I've learned.
(right, Babe?)
Like if you stick a straw in a glass ketchup bottle, the ketchup comes pouring out a whole lot easier. Does anyone have a glass ketchup bottle in their fridge? Hello plastic.....I'm pretty sure the last time I used a glass one was at Johnny Rockets in Chicago (cause, like, they're supposed to have ancient things like that) and ketchup went flying across the restaurant when we smacked the bottle. If only they had read this helpful info....
But see, now you read that totally random fact on this here page of the world wide web don't you just feel smarter? Are you antsy to share it with the next person you run into? I've actually considered putting "glass ketchup bottle" on my grocery list just so I can stick a straw inside and watch the magic.
I know, People. I need to get out more.
May I leave you with one more random fact?
Your taste buds change every 7 years. What's up with that?! But it's obvs true because I read it once and now I share it with almost everyone I know and now aren't you glad you can now share in this knowledge, too.
So give those green olives one more try, why don't you.....
I've got a couple more years before my taste buds change but I think I'm going to give mushrooms another try. Maybe at 35 I'll be a little more mature and be able to handle the fact that they are fleshy fungus. hmmmm.
Send any random facts my way......I've never met one I didn't like.
Linking up to Blessed Little Nest today. She's got a fun, new look on her blog--check it out!

Alright, Blogger B's....have a super day this first Monday in 2011!


  1. I've heard the tastebud one before! Here's hoping all of my people become less picky this time around! Glad you're back :)

  2. This is important because my main man is a Brewer fan to the max. Brewers uses only the left hand on the keyboard. Cool, I know.

  3. This is funny to me because our oldest is the random fact king of our family. He could talk all the day long just spouting off randomness. Most recently; the ostrich is the largest bird in the world and it doesn't ever fly.

  4. I refer to myself as the queen of random facts. I am a firm believer of the tastebuds changing because I used to not like shrimp and bacon together or separate, now I love them both. Random fact...Spray hairspray on an ink stain before you wash your close and it come right out.