Friday, February 4, 2011

that's what she said

she said it
I heard it
Aunt Mindy can testify


so how bout this new look for the mama of the house? 
I was in slight denial
 about needing help to see el blogos I was reading,
but I kept finding myself making quirky faces like this....
so... in a quest to NOT scare my kiddos
with creepy computer faces
I bought these stunning beauties at Target for only $7.99 
What a bargain.  I hope. 
here's the really scary mommy face
note to self:  never (again) make that face and blog it
 Mornings and Me--we don't mix well
have I ever mentioned that before?!
so basically most all mornings consist of cereal for my kids
if they're lucky I'll heat them up some water for gourmet instant oatmeal
but our SNOW DAY called for some fancy...
And nothing screams fancy
like preparations that begin the night before

Pull-Apart Breakfast Rolls
Here's your grocery list just in time for Saturday morning's breakfast:

Rhodes (frozen) rolls, chopped pecans
1 small pkg pudding mix
butter, brown sugar, cinnamon

Grease a b-b-bundt cake pan (My Big Fat Greek Wedding reference, anyone?)
Add chopped pecans, if desired (I sprinkle on half the pan)
Place 20 frozen Rhodes Dinner Rolls in pan
Sprinkle on rolls: 1 tsp cinnamon and 1 small pkg butterscotch pudding mix
Melt 1 stick butter and 1/2 c brown sugar and pour on top
Cover with plastic wrap and let sit OVERNIGHT
Bake @ 350 for 30 minutes in the morn 

Notes:  do not be alarmed by how much the rolls grow while you sleep
the recipe calls for 18 rolls--whatever.  you can do 20.
I've been known to double the topping and pour some more on after baking
oh, yeah......

Have a super weekend, All! 
Go Pack Go! 
You'll want to stop on back to this here blog
sometime this celebratory weekend 
to find a pic of Justin & Laurie circa 1998. 
When I locate it, consider it posted.


  1. Oh no. You too? My husband just asked me the other day, why don't you wear your watch I bought years ago that you wore all the time. (or he said something close to that) I *finally* admitted to him that I just couldn't read it anymore... Um. He laughed. Hysterically. Growing old- hmph.
    Any way those look scrumptious. Thanks for sharing!!
    You have a good weekend too. And yes, Go Packers...

  2. That's what she said...HA!! Cute glasses! Sometimes we have a nice, warm breakfast in our house, consisting of instant oatmeal or toaster waffles ;)

  3. YAY CHARITY!!!! You go, girl!
    I love the glasses! I can't see a thing without my contacts or glasses. So it's not just old age!:)

  4. Hurray! I can't wait for Knox to say that word!!! :) You look adorable in the glasses...makes me feel (a teeny tiny bit) better about all those gray hairs I pulled out this morning. :)

  5. She said "Mama"? That's so exciting! Maybe she'll say it tonight and I can hear! What a sweet picture, too. I'll have to try your breakfast rolls...yum :) LOVE the prepare-ahead recipes.

  6. Your posts make me laugh:) Love the glasses too!:)