Wednesday, January 18, 2012

when life gives you snow make it edible

last snowfall i was asked if we could make snow ice cream
but it just never happened
as soon as jon walked in the door from school
all covered in winter wonderland that was falling from the sky
the first words out of his mouth were
'can we make snow ice cream?'

i pulled out the recipe from my old neighbor, cara
it said, 'one gallon' of freshly fallen snow
(i had to google one gallon to convert it to cups)
i decided to make half the recipe
...and definitely add some chocolate!

snow ice cream:
8 cups snow
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 Tbsp vanilla
1 cup milk
1-2 T chocolate syrup (i didn't measure)

{mix together.}
eat immediately.

caleb insisted on wearing all his winter gear while consuming
matthias was slightly disturbed that it was made of snow but was brown in color
charity kept sticking her finger in it saying, 'cold'
jon was pretty stoked that it worked
and i got major mom points.

i'm not a fan of ice cream but i tried a spoonful out of curiosity
and would like to report it tastes like a wendys frosty

however, it so did not make up for the snow cancelling my plans
to meet one of my besties at the mall for cinnabon at 10am
{that was just a bummer.}

here's to putting up with it
and enjoying the smiles it brings to the kiddos


  1. Sounds yummy-especially if it taste like a frosty. We will have to try it the next time it snows! Try to stay warm!

  2. I used to LOVE making snow ice cream as a kid--so much fun!

  3. I grew up making this and I didn't know there was a real live recipe to follow!! And I really do want to be snowed in!! I'm sad we haven't had nearly enough snow this season. (I could use some mom points with our teen... sigh)

  4. I'm totally going to do this with the next big snow and be a super, fun mom like you!