Friday, October 29, 2010

Hot Dog Friday

My kids love traditions.

We have lots of James family traditions as the holidays approach, but that's not what this post is about. This is about Hot. Dog. Friday.

It's simple: we have hot dogs on fridays for dinner. Our kids know this, look forward to it, and always wonder what new topping for their hot dog is going to be on the table.

These are the staples, the non-negotiables, for Hot Dog Friday:

These are some of the random toppings that we've added to the Hot Dog table in the past:

On fancy Hot Dog Fridays we've been known to go out for hot dogs. That's always a treat because:
  • I'm not making the hot dogs and fixings

  • I don't have to order a hot dog if I don't want to

  • Somebody else cleans up any ketchup that missed a mouth a time or two

  • Dessert is usually involved

  • Did I mention that I'm not the one making the hot dogs?

So that's it. You should try it sometime...super fun and super easy, too. You could even do it on a Wednesday and call it Weiner Wednesday. I'm all about alliterations.

I'm sure this little girl can't wait to take part in our Hot Dog Friday. But for now she's pretty stoked to have added oatmeal and pureed carrots to her diet......and this fun new toy. How can my baby be in exo-saucer stage already?!

Well, Happy (Hot Dog) Friday all!

Note to wives: make sure your husband understands the precise meaning of Hot Dog Friday before you implement this in your household. Otherwise when the kids go to bed this title could take on a whole new meaning which was not intended by the author of this post. Or her husband (?!) Ahem.

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  1. Getting a little risque in our blogging, are we?? At no point in time while reading this did I ever think "Oh, I know what Laurie is REALLY talking about! (snicker)" I may have to remove you from my "favorites"!
    Char looks good in the saucer! Glad she is enjoying it. They're so much happier when they can see the world from an upright position. Miss you terrible!!!