Monday, May 28, 2012

memorial day 2012.

dear soldiers, past and present.....
how do we thank you enough for all you do for us ?
{ all that stuff we don't even know about.
that makes sweet family times like this possible }
the bravery.
the sacrifice.

we're so grateful.

we remember you this memorial day
we thank God for you.

happy memorial day to all!

Friday, May 25, 2012

grace and grilling and getting molars

dear JESUS
i want to thank YOU
for a blessed week of gorgeous spring weather
{ is it possible it's going to be even better in heaven?! }
and a blessed week that included BBQ under our rainbow umbrella.
thank You for a husband who 'throws the ball around' with the kids
so i don't have to pretend to know what i'm doing
{ i seem to have missed the gift of accurate throw }

i'm grateful for cherry berry chillers at mcdonald's and
that they're cheaper than chocolate shakes...
{ somehow matthias always talks me into a weekly treat from there }
thank You for a miraculous chunk of time to finally organize
the back entryway and the bigger miracle of it staying that way now
for 2 whole days.

thank You, Lord, that banana cream pie makes caleb so happy
and making it with him makes me just as happy.....
thank You for a daughter who CRACKS me up with her unique headband style
in the midst of a week filled with tantrums that we're
......'working on.' 
(and i'd like to give a little shout out to You for grace at wal-mart with the whole
'no, charity, you can't eat the whole box of
dora the explorer fruit snacks while mommy shops' thing. 
mercy.  so much grace needed) 
oh, my sweet probably doesn't help that she's getting
her 2 year molars
(love that 'konked out on the couch' pic.  toats presh)

last of all, Jesus, i'd like to thank You
praise YOU
lift Your Name on high......
for all You are up to in our lives
for all You've been teaching us
for all that we believe You've got in store for us
and for those moments
{ oh, those moments even when the laundry surrounds me  }
when Your precious Word comes alive.
and I am taught great things about You.
oh, how I want everyone to know just how

to everyone checking in to this here blog
have a great memorial weekend.
make some of these if you get a chance. 
 {i plan to! }

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Monday, May 21, 2012

weekend in review

weekend in review:

friday evening justin takes on
"solo dad" role
just look at that confident, 'i can handle this' look
{sigh}  i love that man.

when the nissan quest is a rockin'.......
this mama is on her way to chicago.
all. by. myself.
and i really, really, really rock out to the radio
and sing at the top of my lungs when i'm alone.......
and (ahem) break out my mixed cd justin and i made
back in 2003
does mr. big's 'to be with you' ever get old?!
{yeah.  whatevs.} 
takes me back to the boombox days....

                                                                         first stop:
this hilarious place called mars cheese castle
of all things wisconsin
to bring some goodies for my illinois friend.

okay, so then i get to chicago
{why hello there, NATO...}
and i find my friend, Sandi, in the trump tower....
(the TRUMP!)
where we stay for 2 nights.
we are welcomed by incredible chocolate covered strawberries
and a delish fruit tray.
{ mercy. such goodness }

sandi and i had a perfect weekend:
of gorgeous spring weather for lots of city walking
of waitless restaurant eating (thanks to NATO)
of incredible sandwiches here
and fondue here
of vera (love!)
of relaxing and sleeping in til we woke up on our own
(wha?  i know....a.mazing)
of long, wonderful, uninterrupted talks
and just plain fun.
oh, and sprinkles cupcakes, of course!

sunday morning
i drove my 2 hours home in less than 2 hours
(oops.  blame it on my mixed cd excitement and this song)
i do actually incorporate praise songs in the midst rockin out
and i can think of about 10000 reasons i love this song.

it was fun to see my kiddos
who were excited to see me, and i them
and of course justin....
who rocked it this weekend.
i cannot thank him enough for being so wonderful.
{love you, babe!}

in the evening we tried out this place for justin's bday dinner
(yeah....6 days late.  we've been busy, k?)

justin ordered a burger for burger lovers
and enjoyed it.
they have endless fries which is great for our fam
and our waiter handled table of kiddos who are 
not used to any hamburger restaurant fancier than mcdonald's
extremely well.  earned a good tip for that for sure
{right, babe?}

L to the dubs O to the L
this is getting to be a long blogpost.

have a good day, all!

Friday, May 18, 2012

we are filled with joy

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for another week of life
and everything that went with it.
The beautiful skies we saw
{even a rainbow after a crazy storm!}
and the laughs we all shared at youth group as the lights went out...
and never came back on.
The amazing gift of Matthias' sweet prayer
securing his eternity in heaven
(and the blessing of being a part in that)
A precious celebration of mommyhood complete with dandelions
and homemade cards and Tazino's Pizza Buffet!
My husband's 32nd birthday and the reminder
of how overly blessed I am to call him 'mine'
Sunshiny days at the park and a picnic lunch 
complete with my children's giggles 
that make me wonder
how awesome heaven is going to be
if this is what You already give us here on earth.


As I prayed on the treadmill this morning,
Cover our house in grace and mercy.
Smother us in Your love and faithfulness
as You have done all our years
and never, ever let us forget....

You have done great things for us
and we are FILLED with joy!
~Psalm 126:3

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