Thursday, June 23, 2011

Embrace the Camera meets Rock the Crock

When I saw that Emily was back to Embracing the Camera
I just had to welcome her back with a little post of me and Jonathan
This picture cracks me up
We've got a lot of these wide-eyed pics of my sweet 8 year old right now
Here we are in front of Okauchee Lake
after a fun brunch with my family celebrating my Mom's retirement
Happy Retirement, Mom!
I know this picture is disturbing at first glance
but settle down, you all
it's just the ingredients for a carbo-licious meal of
Macaroni and Cheese...Rock the Crock style
To make this delish dish
first you need to boil up 12 oz noodles (3/4 of 16 oz box)

meanwhile, mix up
3 cups shredded cheddar (you'll need 1 more cup later)
13 oz can evaporated milk (or evaporate your own like I did)
1 1/2 cups milk
2 eggs
1 tsp salt, pinch of pepper

add noodles when they are cooked and drained
Optional add in:
some cooked chicken to add protein to your carbo-loaded meal

I'm feeding a crowd of hungry guys so I went for this added step!
Spray the inside of your crock with some non-stick spray

pour the mixture in
and sprinkle cheese on top til your hearts content
--this Wisconsin girl opted for an entire cup of cheese on top---

Here's a summer tip for using the crock from my sister-in-law:
Plug it in outside
Now you're cooking dinner and not heating up your house at all
How cool is that?! (get, moving on....)

Rock your Crock on LOW for 3-4 hours
(be watching the outside of the mac n' cheese....that's what gets crispy)

The original recipe from Fix it and Forget it (which I've adapted)
tells you not to remove the lid
(but I remove mine to wipe off the condensation so it doesn't drip on my noodles...)
This is what Jon thinks of the yummyness
(notice his temp tattoo from the school carnival.  awesome)
so I thought I'd sandwich this Rock the Crock post
in a little embracing the camera with my oldest

here we are at a Brewers Game which we got to enjoy in an air-conditioned suite
thanks to my bro who got the whole fam the fat hook-up
by throwing out the first pitch of the game
I could really get used to baseball games in suites
(that's pretty much the only way.....)

have a super thursday to everyone who is stopping by!
(don't forget to stop by Anderson fam crew to check out the other posts)


  1. Mmm... looks good! Thanks for sharing the photos!!

  2. That looks good i'll have to try it!

  3. great pics! and I am totally going to be trying that recipe, never thought of making mac N cheese in the crock pot!

  4. Mac and cheese is my favorite. Great photos! =)

  5. your family is the cutest!
    (PS my husband and I met in high school, too!)

  6. I put my pot outside in the summer too! My kitchen is the warmest room in the house because of it's location and it really helps!!

  7. Mmmm..... now you've done it! I'm hungry :) I must add, my nephew (and his dad, quite honestly) are HUGE Brewers fans and would be totally jealous!

  8. LOL! You just knew I bought pasta for Mac N Cheese, didn't you. Love seeing the family grow. We miss you guys!!

  9. you can evaporate milk YOURSELF??!! i need a crock pot. i don't even have one. isn't that sad? sometimes i think it may disqualify me from blogging. and now i want mac n cheese. and it's all your fault.

  10. Yum!! And, how fun to enjoy the game in air-conditioning! Great memories for sure!

  11. y'all are so cute!!
    i have made a few crock pot meals recently, but it hasn't been super hot much. your recipe looks great-my husband would eat mac&cheese every meal, every day if i let him! ha!