Saturday, March 23, 2013


dear winter
here are some pictures of us enjoying you
now will you please let us embrace spring?!

Friday, March 8, 2013

catching up. it's a hard game to play......

Caleb turns 7.
special day for a special boy.  we love you!

Jon is now double digits.
what a fun guy to celebrate.  we love you, Jon!

bunch of crazy, loveable kiddos.

lunch with dad
{ before the amazing pizza arrived }

meet the Upwards Bball guys of the fam

pure pinkalicious cuteness.

oh, the sweet memories of elementary school.
and signing store-bought cards for friends.

happy heart day.

cupcake shop.
the james girls.

gf tasting for womens retreat with my sweet friend
#somebodysgottadoit #allforJesus

AWANA.  love.

cheap labor.
homemade take 5 bars

hot cocoa and cheeseballs. 
{wow, the combo of it all }

swim lessons = brave boy.

basketball buddies.

bakers:   messy, cute ones.

bumble bees star in the 1st grade musical.
pictured above is my fav bumble bee. ever.
the one with the fuzzy left arm

snow camp 2013.  broomball. bring it.
{ oh, it was brought....}
true love.