Thursday, October 21, 2010


Some of you have been asking me, "Why a blog?"

Answer: I don't really know...except it seems like fun, it gives me an outlet for creativity, and I want to share about my family's everyday for Jesus.

The real question is: Why on earth would you want to read my blog?!

Maybe it will encourage you sometimes?

Maybe it will make you smile or even laugh out loud.

Maybe you can just read it and go...." I can TOTALLY RELATE."

Maybe you'll just get a good recipe out of it!

Whatever reason you're taking a look at my blog, I'm glad you stopped by and THANK YOU! You are making it so much fun for me. Really.

SOOO......yesterday's giveaway. Thanks to everyone who took part both on the blog and on facebook. I'm going to include both sets of answers this time for a total of 11 people!!

I was hoping for 5, thinking 10 would be great-- so I'm really excited to enter 11 people in the drawing for a yummy caramel apple covered in chocolate...which I may or may not pick up two as long as I'm going back to get another one today!

Caleb was my photographer for these two pictures. Aren't you glad you can watch this step by step? Are you just really wondering who won the caramel apple already?! Well, my photographer agreed to get in the next picture to show you the name I picked out of the coffee cup.

oh, the suspense!


Yay Jenn with 2 n's! You are the winner of the giveaway! I'm so excited to send you your caramel looking for it in the mail, k?
Have a super Thursday, everyone! Don't forget to encourage your pastor this month!!


  1. Congratulations Jenn! Thanks Laurie for the chocolate chip pumpkin bread recipe!

  2. Of course, Alisa! That post was for you :)

  3. Bummer! Can I send Caleb a dollar to pick my name next time??

  4. LISA! no bribing my son :) (just send me a chocolate bar next time and we'll see what happens) haha!