Tuesday, October 12, 2010

TT Raspberry Chocolates

I had something all set for yesterday and it centered around motherhood. I'm trying to make a theme for each day and mondays are going to be "MOMents from this mom." But seeing as how I totally failed to blog yesterday....you'll just have to check out next monday to see some moments from this mom's life. Oh, my life is interesting, no doubt (catch the sarcasm please...)

okay. so here we go w/my first ever blog tutorial. I even took pics.

I set out to make peppermint patties on sunday evening and ended up with
Raspberry Chocolates. Find out how:
Step one: check to see if you have peppermint extract (NO?! what're you doing making peppermint patties?)

Step two: assemble other ingredients needed:

1/3 cup corn syrup

1/4 cup margarine or butter, melted

4 1/2 cups powdered sugar

6-8 squares chocolate bark

(sea salt?)

Step three: mix together corn syrup, melted butter, 1 1/2 tsp peppermint extract

***or if you forgot to do step one and realize you only have raspberry extract because you are a spur-of -the-moment maker of chocolates because when a girl needs chocolate you just don't make her wait...than raspberry works fine, too.

Step four: add powdered sugar one cup at a time to the mixture, mix well and discover that it turns into what a 4 yr old would describe as "play dough." Add some red food coloring if you used raspberry extract. No need to confuse the consumers of your chocolates into thinking they are going to have creamy peppermint filling if they're not. It would be like drinking the Clear Pepsi of the early 90's. Remember that stuff? NASTY

Step five: roll into small, 1 inch balls.

Step six: melt your chocolate (in the microwave --1 minute to 30 sec intervals) or in a chocolate melter like a professional (chocolate addict) owns.

So when Jon saw me taking pictures without people in them he offered to get in the picture with the chocolates to save me the embarrassment of posting crazy pictures without any humans. Thanks, Jon. I love how you are always so helpful!

Step seven: dip balls in chocolate and assemble on a wax-covered baking sheet

Step eight: sprinkle sea salt on top for a super fun taste sensation. Or love your husband (who almost gags on added salt) enough to leave it off.

Step nine: put the sheet in the fridge to set the chocolate...taste one every 2 minutes or so until you figure out how long this step takes. I've never perfected this step.

Step ten: eat the rest. share some. take your husband's question: "did the kids help make these?" as a compliment that he knows you rock motherhood and share all experiences with your kids to make every moment teachable.....it had nothing to do with your messy chocolate dipping skills.


  1. I love this, and Jon's practical approach to pictures, and the clear Pepsi reference! Did you like them raspberry flavored?

  2. Thanks :) They were very good raspberry flavored...but I've been so set on making the peppermint ones that I've got the extract on my grocery list and plan on making that version this weekend! I think they'd be good in lots of flavors. Let me know if you make them :)