Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm Bad At Thinking of Titles

Yesterday was the boys' Halloween Party and Costume Parade at school:

Does that look say, MO-OM or what?! Well, I am the mo-om.
The one taking flash photography that lights up the dark gym,
waving (semi-obnoxiously) so Jon will see me and look,
and mouthing the words, "I love you" before I leave.
I can't help myself. I'm just so proud. Don't you see?

My son is a black belt in karate.

Hey--it was better than this get up:

Caleb was a little unsure about this whole "wearing a costume to school" thing. He pretty much tried to get out of it all morning. He's pictured here wearing an Elmo fuzzy-thing that is meant for an 18 month old... which I'm sure he put on to wear me down into not making him dress-up at all for the party. 4 year olds can be crafty like that, you know.

This picture makes me laugh because I actually photographed Caleb in the middle of asking me, "Mommy, do you know where Matthias is?" I just assumed a game of "Hide n' Seek" had broken out and I was a step behind.
What he meant was, "do you know Matthias is under this tote I'm sitting on?"
And if you know my younger two boys at all, you know that Caleb was probably just returning the favor of Matthias' earlier idea. Considering when I "rescued" Matthias he was less than enthusiastic about getting out from under the tote....I'm pretty sure he was all about this "brother sitting on top of me in a tote" game.
So anyways, I eventually talked Caleb into being the hero Spideyman for the party. Although I'm pretty sure I should get some hero points for cutting a hole in the mask bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger until he was (finally) comfortable with the idea of having clingy material on his head to complete "the look."
Yesterday's party and parade=success

Today is NO SCHOOL. Enjoy your day--we plan to!

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