Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TT Light Sabers & J-O-Y Wall

Today I bring you 2 tutorials: BONUS!

Neither of them food (chocolate) related: BUMMER!

The first tutorial is inspired by
a broken window,
a plastic light saber
....and the fly that got away.

(NOTE:All plastic light sabers have now been banned from the James household and are designated for outdoor light saber duals only)

Tutorial #1 Foam Light Sabers

  • pool noodle (buy them now....clearance section at Wal-mart!)
  • serrated knife
  • black electrical tape

Step 1: cut pool noodle in half
Step 2: wrap black tape around one end for a "handle"

Variation: don't chop the noodle in half and wrap black tape around the middle for a double-ended saber. Way cool-- at least at this house!

I'm thinking I just need to sit down one of these days and (finally) watch a Star Wars Episode from start to finish. Maybe then I will get why my boys shove the light sabers down the back of their shirts and run around the house.
But then again, maybe I will never understand. That happens sometimes when you're a mom of boys.

Tutorial #2 Who couldn't use a little more JOY in their world--so let's put some on the wall...

I wish I had one of those cool cameras that would make this picture look better. But do you get the idea?

  • 3 matted frames to hold 8x10 pictures
  • JOY cardboard letters--(2 sizes--medium for the wall, large for pictures)
  • black paint
  • fun appliques for JOY letters
  • your camera
  • your happy, cooperative family
Step 1: Grab your large letters and go take some pictures. This is the fun part! Take tons and tons of pics so you have plenty to choose from. That's the glory of a digital camera, right?

A note about the J-O-Y letters: the cashier at the craft store told me I was "so smart" (why thank you!) for buying my letters now, in the fall. Apparantly everyone wants JOY at Christmastime and they sell out like crazy. So if you're thinking this might be fun...act now!

Step 2: Have your pictures developed in 8x10. Make sure they are all going the same way...vertical or horizontal (duh, right?)

Step 3: Paint your medium-sized letters for the wall and put your appliques on. I used "me and my Big ideas" chipboard embellishments (32 piece)
Step 4: Put it up! Poster putty is a wonder in and of itself and holds up the letters just fine.
Step 5: Stand back and feel the JOY filling your heart. Ahhhhh

I love the daily reminder to be filled with joy. It's not some "happy happy joy joy" giddy smile on your face at all moments even when life stinks. NO-- Joy is so much deeper than that. We're just beginning to explain to our kiddos what joy is all about. For now, we're keeping it simple...
Caleb, with his 4 year old enthusiasm, will tell anyone and everyone who enters our living room and sees our JOY wall that it's about
Jesus first
Others second
Yourself last

Who knew such a teachable moment could come from wall decor?


  1. I'm liking both these ideas. Landon would love the light sabers, even though he's never seen Star Wars either. I also like the accronym for joy, what a good reminder.

  2. this would be a great idea for Christmas cards! Thanks!

  3. Somehow I missed this post when you put it up! Wisconsin has made you crafty!! I'm very impressed! (more with the wall art than the light sabers though!) That is very cute and I love the pictures you used! So cool! Too bad we didn't craft together more when you were across the street from me!! :(