Friday, October 22, 2010

Sugar-Free JuJu

I'm beginning to think there is a connection between my weekly trip to Aldi to get groceries and-A. DAY. By the time I left Aldi this morning I wasn't quite sure that all 4 of us (me and the 3 youngers) were going to make it home. Sane, at least.

So I stopped and got some sanity. For only $3.04.
So worth every penny. So worth taking the long way home.

Introducing my form of a good, hard drink: iced latte, sugar-free vanilla syrup to be easy on the hips (and thighs) and from McDonald's to be easy on the wallet. I even put my feet up for a moment on the pillows (a James family no-no)....then I got convicted by my inner-momself and put my feet back down where they belong. And this happened:
Hi son. (And that was the end of my moment)
Today I leave you with a more visual list of 10: 10 pictures to show you why I can't get enough of my kids. Even though they tend to make my trips to Aldi a tad, um, taxing.
Excited to go to a Brewers game, "GO BREWERS!"
Sweetly sleeping in Daddy's arms
Getting ahold of the camera to capture a self portrait
Climbing the apple tree
Pretty stoked about holding this little fuzzy guy
Ahh.....2 dolls
Exploring books by themselves...

Can you tell they are brother and sister or what?!

Sour apple!

4 (very huge) reasons to thank and praise the Lord today

Enjoy the day. Hope the sun is shining where you are, too!


  1. How can anyone get excited to go to a Brewers game? Really? ;-) Go Cubs!

  2. haha...Don't trash talk on my blog!! ;)