Friday, October 15, 2010

10 Things I Learned in the 4K Classroom

I had a great time yesterday going to school with Caleb. Not sure what he thought about having mom there, whispering in his ear every once and awhile, "you are my favorite 4Ker" ....but I was able to learn a couple of things in my 2 1/2 hours there:

1. "I look different" so a kid named Blaise told me.

2. Kaya might look like it's pronouned "KA-ah." But it's not. It's "KI-ah" and she gets really mad if you say her name wrong. Even if you try to soothe her anger by helping her with her fire truck coloring're pretty sure she's still upset about the mispronounciation.

3. Birds can, indeed, be larger than horses. (see picture below, drawn for me by Bricelyn)

4. You're supposed to put your paper scraps in the garbage right away. No piles. I violated this rule when I was cutting out paper pumpkins and a kid busted me and huffily threw my pile away.

5. My son needs to learn to write the "e" in his name, hold a pencil, and blow his nose.

6. When you're four years old you have a mental checklist of 3 things you want to be when you grow up. One girl told me very seriously that when she's big she wants to be a farmer, violin player, and artist. You go, girl.

7. There are 2 Calebs in the class. The other one is Caleb P. Apparently that is funny to a 4ker.
Bathroom humor begins this young?

8. My son's teacher is highly caffeinated. She had 2 Mountain Dews and 1 Starbucks Frapp on her desk. This explains how she was able to do the "Days of the Week" jive faster than the kids. I was pretty tempted to take a picture of her desk but decided against it to keep up good parent/teacher relations.

9. I do not know how to cut "in the lines". Remember Blaise? Well, he came back while I was cutting those pumpkins. "Oh. I thought you were cutting in the lines. But you're not." Thanks for those uplifting words, kid. I always knew working with 4 yr olds was one warm fuzzy after another.
10. I'm pretty sure I only learned 9 things. But thanks for scrolling down to see this answer anyway. I had fun and look forward to next month's volunteer day. They better keep me away from the paper pumpkins though. Just ask Blaise.

I would like to thank my son, Caleb, who made this trip into the 4K class possible. I love you more than words can say!


  1. We're going to have lunch with Leah at school sometime soon! I can't wait!! I'm looking forward to hearing what all the songs are supposed to sound like :)

  2. that sounds fun :) yes....always interesting to hear the "real" version!

  3. This K4 teacher also stays highly caffeinated too. We are homeschooling and caffeine is my friend. It may also have something to do with the 2 year old and 4 week old, the K4er can't take all the responsibility.

  4. I love this list! I think you got more than you bargained for at volunteer day, Laur :) I'll bet Caleb loved having Mommy there!

  5. Katie--homeschooling a 4Ker with a 2 year old and tiny baby = amazing mommy. And when I read your blog I couldn't believe how much you did before 8am!! :)