Saturday, October 9, 2010

This is not as easy as it looks....

Good news: I'm far from being a computer nerd.

Bad news: seriously, I have some issues doing basic computer things. kinda embarrasing, really.

So the hubs Justin obviously helped me do anything you see different on this blog. And while it's not anything impressive.....I couldn't do it by myself and it took us way too long to figure it out together.

Blogging world...wait up for me, k?

I figured I needed a picture for my profile so Justin humored me by jumping in the final pic. Because, well, because you can see for yourself why I was no good at doing the profile picture thing by myself.

Yes, I realize I have a weird look on my face in pic #2. You try holding a camera and take your own picture with a normal face. It's like trying to put on mascara without opening your mouth. Know what I mean? What's up with that?! "Mascara reflex"

Bread update: turned out better the second time. By better I mean that if you spread a thick layer of jelly, honey, butter, or peanut butter on top of a slice you can get over the denseness that is the trademark for my homemade bread. I'm not giving up. Stay tuned for Laurie V. Honey Whole Wheat Bread Round 3.

I got the recipe from this website: She gives a video tutorial on how to make the bread. Cool. But even cooler than that is that her bread rises to double its size. I covet her bread making skills.

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