Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Little Appreciation

Taking the time to appreciate someone in our busy lives is not always easy,
but don't you agree it's a cool thing? Especially because we're all so busy.
I'm wondering how you show the love?

I've found there's no greater love than homemade chocolate chip pumpkin bread in the fall. My fam sees me get out my stoneware bread pan and instantly knows:

*sweet bread is in their future

*some of it will disappear to other good homes

My friend, Lori, makes mini loaves of banana bread to give away. When I lived nearby, I always seemed to "stop by" when she was making her bread (funny how that would happen) and she'd ask me if I wanted male or female bread. With or without nuts. Ahem.

Caleb took this to his teacher today. Yesterday she took both morning and afternoon classes together to the pumpkin farm. 32 kids. Lots of head counts. The woman deserves this caramel apple I found at the grocery store. This absolutely fabulous-looking caramel apple covered in tons of colorful chocolately M&Ms that I wasn't (was) tempted to keep for myself.

Also pictured are the pumpkins we picked at the farm--Caleb managed to find one that was half green because that's his favorite color. Hey--other kids were picking the biggest pumpkins they could find and guess who had to carry said pumpkins? I love being a field trip chaperone!
So there you have it. Thankfulness and it's not even the month of November.
***But does anyone know what month it is? (don't answer October.....think deeper than who you could appreciate this month!) If you guess right, I'll pick one right answer by random # selection, and I'll send you one of these yummy caramel apples in the mail. Because if you know...that probably means you are taking part and I'm super proud of you!


  1. Pastor appreciation, of course! :)

  2. It's pastor appreciation month. I didn't know you had a blog. I would have checked it out sooner. :)

  3.'s pastor appreciation month!! A little birdie helped me with this answer...

  4. can u post recipe for your chocolate chip pumpkin bread? It sounds so good!

  5. That's it! Pastor Appreciation! And did you bake male or female bread? :)

  6. It's pastor appreciation month...and remember who really appreciated you last October??? I think I was the one initiating all the good stuff! SO you better pick ME!!!!!

  7. I think it's InterVarsity staff worker appreciation month...oh wait, I mean Pastor appreciation month :)

  8. Cute blog, Laurie! And way to go with all the posts--I'm lucky to get one or two in a week now. I added you to my reader (I usually read blogs while on the excitement), so sometimes that means I don't comment as much as I would like (reading while exercising is managable, typing, however, is not). Looks like the popular answer is Pastor Appreciation Month, so I'm going with that!

  9. Thanks again, everybody! Please try again next week :) (sorry, Lisa)...
    oh, and Lori--female :)