Friday, October 8, 2010

The Great Blog Experiment

So I've been following some blogs now for quite awhile. And having a blast doing so--it's just been fun to see what other moms are doing around the country. Some of them are so creative and hilarious! Which leads me to "My Great Blog Experiment" starting today. I'm going to try to seriously blog. Not the occassional update of what's going on in my head. The actual "blog-looking" posts that may or may not be entertaining but are real to my life.
I'm beginning today because when I get an idea in my head it always needs to begin immediately. Excuse me if I copy some ideas from blogs I follow as I begin with
10 Reasons why I am Thankful for Being Alive Today

*My cell phone. How did moms do it "back in the day" before cells? I love knowing the school can contact me at any time they need to about my kids (and I'm not stuck at home to get the call).
Like when Jon jammed his finger in tetherball at recess and I was right there at the school with my cell to give him some love (ice pack) and help him realize he could finish out his second grade school day with a puffy thumb. Which ended up turning a funky shade of blue. ewwww

*A paycheck. Don't you just love payday?

*Store-bought bread. Epic fail last night as I tried to make my own Honey Whole Wheat. Here is a pic of this scary-dense concoction (sp?) I produced. There are 2 more loaves in process as I post.... Laurie V. Honey Whole Wheat Bread. Round 2

*Post-it notes. I'd be lost w/out these wonderful squares of yellow. I use them to remind myself of things, jot down notes of all kinds, and write sweet notes to my hubby when he returns from work. awwww

*Sleep. Friday mornings are my sleep-in mornings. No kidding, it was my Honey's idea. He gets home from work and stays up to send Jon off to school while I sleep. Glorious sleep.

*Anti-bacterial gel. It's a germ-conscious woman's dream come true. Instant peace that millions of unidentifiable nasties are not entering mouths when food is consumed away from home. What did moms do before the invention of these wonders--in smells like "Cucumber Melon"?

*Fall Weather. I hate winter and because of that sometimes I lump fall into the "hate" category because it leads up to it. Poor fall. It has so many beautiful days in it and today is one of them. The kids and I had a great time enjoying the morning outdoors in just our long sleeved t's and jeans.

*A blank calendar square......well, for me at least! Ever get one of those? On a FRIDAY?! It's brilliant and today is one of those days for me. Jon has a campfire to go to for Boys Club and Justin is taking him...but, I, .......I have NOTHING. Sweet nothingness.

*Jesus. This is not meant to be hokey. Seriously, I'm so thankful for Him today and every day. Where would I be without Jesus? I think about that all the time as I see other people (particularly moms just like me) struggle in life without Him. How do they do it? I just can't imagine living without Jesus.

That's it. My list of 10 and my start to blogging for real. Read the older posts if you need some good sleep. But today begins a new day of posting. Hopefully I've read enough blogs out there to know how to blog now. For a little friday treat, here's one of my fav blogs to follow. Meet artsy Ashley Ann who's got 3 boys and then a little girl. What a perfect combo of kiddos if I do say so myself! :)


  1. Yay, Laurie! I randomly checked this (yes, at 3:40 a.m.) and I'm glad I did!

  2. yay....I actualy have a blog checker! Thanks for humoring me in between catching up on cool joyshope blog ;)