Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Embrace the Camera

Emily from andersonfamilycrew takes every thursday and does a link up called "embrace the camera." I enjoy following her blog because:

1) she's artsy so she takes good pics and gives tutorials on cool things like making a flower necklace I was totally willing to pay $30ish on etsy...
(saving $ however? totally my thing and I plan on making one. someday. with my sister-in-law. tutorial to follow, of course!)
2) she's got 3 boys and 1 girl so I can relate to so much of the chaos she calls her family life!

3) her fam is in the process of adopting I'm so in love with adoption. It's a life changed forever.

This week Emily is giving away INCREDIBLE packages of goodies for little amounts of money that you pledge to give to help with their adoption process. If you win you get-- seriously, incredible stuff! Not to mention you've helped bring a little girl home to her family from the faraway land of Ethiopia. How cool is that?!

Okay. So anyways..."Embrace the Camera"  means the mama gets behind the camera to capture moments b/c let's face it....we're the ones taking all the pictures in the family! Does anyone else not have too many pictures with their own mom? it's a cool idea.

Right now I'm sitting here with wet hair, no make-up, and mis-matched clothes. So I'm going to pull a couple "embrace the camera" pics from the last couple of days. Why don't you take some time to "embrace the camera"? Even if you don't have a cool camera like artsy Emily. I certainly don't! Enjoy the moments with your kiddos you can never get back!
I would like to thank Matthias and his 3 year old picture taking abilities for capturing this one of me and Caleb:
This one was taken when we went on our yearly trip to Elegant Farmer (it's all about the crazy good caramel apples with assorted sprinkles) Next year I will not have a baby to hold all snuggly in the baby carrier. tear.

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