Sunday, October 23, 2011

3 liners

trio blocks. LOVE
hours of fun around here.
i would totally do a radio commericial if KLove did those

post season Brewers games
excitement in Wisconsin
and in the fam (thanks to Papa's season tix!)

enough excitement to pull out the tray tables
order Papa John's pizza
and enjoy the chocolate soda we brought back from our getaway weekend

beautiful wedding
ceremony at the Sunken Garden
the acoustics were so cool Justin didn't need a mic

laundry helpers match up the socks
my boys have figured out how to earn
'fav son of the moment' award

be still my heart
one of my offspring shares my like of campbells tomato soup
goldfish crackers make it super fun

how is Charity old enough to drink a capri sun?
such cuteness
she's brown-nosing her dentist already
brushing her teeth is most definitely her fav thing to do
{87% of the time she grabs the right toothbrush.  don't tell her brothers!}

my point-and-shoot camera died.
the one with masking tape and shutter mishaps since 2009.
don't feel sad for me--I have a phat dslr camera I just need to learn to use

maybe tomorrow?


  1. Maybe if I threw in goldfish, my kids would eat tomato soup! Love the new header.

  2. What? I've never heard of trio blocks. Amazing.
    Sweet pictures. :)

  3. You know you can use the DSLR on the automatic setting, right? Then you just point-and-shoot. But you should eventually learn to use it to it's fullest. There are lots of free tutorials/user guides online. Just have to have time to Google and read...

  4. that the Sunken Garden at Allerton? If so, my cousin got married there ...if not, well my cousin got married in a Sunken Garden too. HA

  5. Oh my goodness...the picture of your little guy with a t.v. tray sitting in front of the t.v. is awesome! Cracked me up! Can your kids teach my kids to match socks? Oh, and can your daughter teach my daughter to brush her teeth without crying? That'd be awesome. Glad you had a great weekend friend :)

  6. chocolate soda!! i need!!!

    p.s. this is like the 5th comment i've left for someone in relation to food.

  7. Such cute photos...and the last of her brushing her teeth. Adorbs. :)

  8. Gold fishcrackers.....Genius!!!
    I have that same folding table/bed ~ wait that's a rug! ;)

    Really you live in Wisconsin?