Monday, November 1, 2010

Hot Tamale!

Can I add a little tag on to yesterday's post? Is that allowed in blogging? Well, here goes...

I'm so very thankful for God's grace. Especially when it comes to mothering. Amen?!

Parenting is this constant "learning curve." It's can my children be so different from each other? How can I figure out something that totally works with one only to have it fail miserably with the "next in line"? If it weren't for prayer and God's amazing grace I'd have days where I would be tempted to wonder: have I messed that child up forever?!
Last night I was given a perfect example from a box of trick-or-treat candy to succinctly state the vast differences between the 3 boys from this gene pool:

This boy sees the flame on the candy box and starts running around the room at just the thought of "fire on his tongue."

This boy eats a single piece from the box but then dashes for a drink of water to extinguish the intense fiery sensation in his mouth.

This boy pours out the entire box and downs it in under 2 minutes.

Fire? What Fire.


  1. haha! this cracked me up! too funny. love you guys! -leah b.

  2. isn't it funny how all your kids can be so differnt & they came from the same parents!? Mine are also total opposites!