Monday, November 8, 2010

These Are Addicting...

I bet you saw the title and instantly thought: some kind of chocolate... I know I would've. I'll bet you never expected to see a picture of felt flowers. But seriously....once you start making these cute little (simple) creations--I'm telling you, you're going to be addicted.

Because I'm such a crafty individual (insert laugh), I saw this "how to" on making felt flowers and I decided to give it a try. I'd love to include the link to where I found this wonderfully easy art project.....however, it's not exactly where I thought it was when I went looking for it on the world wide web. Given that this is not rocket science I will just include the phrase "this is not an original idea" and hope that you forgive me for not giving credit where it is deserved.
Extremely addictive project.
Hot glue is hot and will begin to burn any fingers it comes in contact with.
When a finger is burning from hot glue do not give into instant "insert into mouth" reflex.
Hot glue is hot in your mouth as well.
Do not use the same scissors used to cut the tops off yogurt sticks for your kids.
Do not use the same scissors used to trim your candle wicks.
Do not use the same scissors used to cut the fat off your chicken.
(Note: all of the above warnings I give from personal experience...except the chicken fat scissors which was given for entertainment purposes only)

Turn on TLC. LA Ink again?!
Turn on HGTV
Cut felt circle (about 3 inches)
Cut a swirly on the felt circle

Begin twirling the felt, making the outside of the swirl the inside of your twirl

The inside will be left at the end and that is the part that will be hot glued to the bottom to make a base for the flower.


How fun is that?!

Question for YOU: I have made a ton of these flowers. What do I do with them?


  1. Use them to decorated gifts. Especially random gifts you want to give your updoor neighbor.

  2. Glue to rigid headband. I can imagine a black or red sparkly glitter felt (you can buy glitter felt) rose, maybe 3 of them different sizes glued to a head band. Tada, Christmas headband. on to knit hat.

  3. You could attach to headband for charity, decorate a plain canvas totebag, or make pins to wear on winter coats and jaclets.

  4. so pretty!! maybe glue onto magnets for a pretty fridge?

  5. Who says you aren't crafty?? I have a pin I bought with a similar idea that I plan to copy. They took a piece of felt and sewed (by hand or you could hot glue) 3 flowers on it. Then sewed (or glue)a pin to it. I bought a whole package of pins at WalMart in the craft section for $2-3. You could use it on a shirt, purse, or coat. So cute!!