Friday, November 19, 2010

Turkey Wishbone War is OVER

Regarding the "Turkey Wishbone War"
I LOST. How can this happen? Perhaps you all forgot the ending to your story about the turkey wishbone. Anyone want a "do-over"?

Ok People-- when you dry out the turkey wishbone and two people pull on it in opposite directions and it breaks and one side is bigger....then what?!  If you have the larger piece you throw it over your shoulder and make a wish--RIGHT?!
That is the part where the "Justin and Laurie" of this story disagree.
Justin says you just break it and see whose piece is bigger and that's the end. I say NO--how silly to end everything there. The one who has the bigger piece wins and gets to make a wish by tossing the piece of wishbone over his/her shoulder.

Well, there's a gloater in this house and it's not me.  Apparently over the years my fam has added to the turkey wishbone tradition and.......well, I lost a bet. 
But it's Thanksgiving time and I'm grateful the biggest war my hubby and I have is over a wishbone tradition.

happy thanksgiving, all! 


  1. I think you were confused with the penny over the shoulder into a water fountain. A very understandable mix-up.

  2. I said you get to make a wish, not just you "win"! Not sure about the over the shoulder thing though. I think that's something else. I think I've heard of throwing salt over your shoulder for good luck?