Monday, November 15, 2010

Don't You Just Love Mondays...

What a fun weekend--trip to Chicago, a visit from friends (surprise!), restaurant meals of all kinds, and Justin's preaching.....

I want more!
Well, maybe that's all I can handle because I actually went to bed at the same time as the kids last night which NEVER HAPPENS.

So I'm wondering... if I went to bed at 8:30 last night with the kiddos then how come I didn't just pop out of bed with my kiddos this morning at 7am? UGH. I thought I'd actually be all "morning person" today after a night like last night. No such luck, people...

But alas.....enter my own little coffee bar with 6 flavors of creamer to choose from for my morning coffee. Big smile. For those of you keeping count: YES I have added one since last time I mentioned my abundance of coffee creamer selection. And for those of you currently passing judgment....NO Peppermint Mocha and Chococlate Mint Truffle are not the same thing. And YES I need both because I can't decide which I prefer-- and it changes from day to day.
Today I chose neither and went with White Chocolate Caramel, another steller flav. I needed it because this morning was Pick N' Save morning, and if you don't have this grocery store in your area you are missing out.
Shopping there is a game for frugals like myself because they offer fun rewards like free milk with 6 boxes of cereal and "Turkey Points" that add up as you shop, and there's those exhilerating "Double Coupon" days that can just make your heart soar--but enough of that because today was not even a double coupon day nor did I receive a free milk....
But I needed to get about 3 items you can't find at Aldi (my #1 fav bargain store), ended up with about 8 other items I figured I "needed" (why does that always happen?!), and one of those items got me into a little bit of trouble...
So much trouble, in fact, that I had to be rescued by fire fighters in the produce section of Pick N' Save. People, I'm not making this up. Here I am, shopping along with 3 of my children, and I decide that if I bought some tomatoes than I'd be able to serve tacos later this week and who doesn't love tacos?! Enter this beast:
Ever used one of these things? Yeah......all fun and games for the kiddos inside but as a mom trying to lug this thing around the store you can get yoursef into some real jams. Which I did on this particuar morning.
I jammed the cart into the tomato aisle and couldn't maneuver the thing out. Enter firefighters (fellow customers of Pick N'Save at the time)--who were busy talking about this souffle-thing they were going to be making in the firehouse later that week and the cat they just rescued (okay, I couldn't resist the fireman joke right there)
but ANYways they noticed my battle with the cart and offered to steer my kids to safety. Whew. Disaster avoided. My kids are no longer stuck amongst the red veggies.....or are they a fruit? Either way, I would like to give a shout out to the firemen who saved my children's lives. I'll stop with the cat jokes. After this post, okay? And do I get any mom points here for appeasing my younger boys and taking that humongous cart in the first place? thank you.

hope you're all having a super day......whatever your adventures are!


  1. 1st of all, I always feel like such a tool with the fancy cart because I only use it at the store where I only pick up a few things and there I am pushing around this monstosity that refuses to steer! Anyway, I think you have to let the wishbone dry so it actually breaks (no immediate gratification). The participants have to use their pinky fingers and I feel like there's something about the youngest kid thrown in there, but I'm not sure. The person with the biggest part wins. These days I'm a hot chocolate gal :)

  2. after u cut turkey get wishbone out & let dry on the counter. It needs to dry all the way too break easier. Have 2 people hold each side of it & pull. Whoever gets the biggest part wins. I love the smell of coffee but not the taste. I'm a hot cocoa kinda girl!!Hope this is what u think it right so u can win!! It just makes a marriage more fun if u dont always agree. What a boring world it would be if everyone is the same & thinks the same!! Have a great week!!!

  3. I hatet those carts too but they are a necessity if you have 2 little ones! What's a mom to do?? I was a little worried that you actually had to call the firefighters at first. Then you said they were there shoppine. You definitely need to catch up on some sleep!
    You have to let the wishbone dry--at least overnight but probably 24 hours or so. Each person grabs an end, makes a wish (in their head), then they pull at the same time. Whomever gets the "big" end (the end that doesn't break), their wish will come true.
    Once the giveaway is over, you'll have to share what you are debating about. I can't think of what could possibly be such a big variation of this!! Hot chocolate...but you already knew that!! :)

  4. You have to let the wishbone completely dry. Then you need to figure out a way to pick the 2 wishers. My family has done a variety of methods. Sometimes it's just the 2 youngest, other times it's having the hopefuls pick a number. Get creative. Once the wishbone is dry and you have your 2 wishers ready, have each person hold onto an end of the bone. They have to stay away from the joint of the bone. Then count to 3 and pull at the same time. Wisher with the biggest piece wins.

  5. I am truly loving your blog! And my kids are loving the new hot dog fridays :)
    As to your wishbone debate....
    First you want to cook the turkey per package directions, next whoever carves said turkey should carefully remove wishbone and place in a safe location to dry out completly. ( I think we always have forgotten about it till at least new years!) Than you choose 2 people (hard part) each person holds an end towards the bottom ( using thumbs is not allowed! stabalizes the bone and gives an unfair advantage!! Each person only holding on with pinkies has eliminated most of the "it wasnt fair" arguments!) than having a third party count..count to 3 than pull. The person with the bigest portion of bone in there hand, gets to make a wish! Have fun! And coffee...very much coffee!! :)

  6. Well, after you have your mom or mother in law cook the turkey - and your hubby carves it - you pull out that wishbone and wash off all of the goo. You then have to let it totally dry for a day or so. You must then choose the 2 lucky ones who get to 'pull' it - at my house its always a fight - so we have even let Mommy and Daddy be the 'pullers'. :) No thumbs, first or pinky fingers only - but they both have to use the same. The winner is the one who gets the bigger piece - no sharing about what the wish was for!
    You know me - I LOVE coffee :) Especially coffee with a friend.

  7. The whole wishbone thing is way over rated, mostly because you have to let the bone (it is a bone, a real bone, gross) dry out completely. Really, do you want a bone on the counter for 2 weeks, cuz it takes that long to get brittle. If you pull too soon it only bends. I think we were successful once. I just don't like a bone as a counter decoration.