Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Saturday Recap

On Saturday,

Justin was rockin the homefront with these 3 crazy-fun guys

and this absolute cutie pie

(do you just want to squeeze those cheeks or what)
while I was Chicago...with The Girls:
my sis-in-law, Penny, sister Holly, and my Mom (taking the pic)
We found some really great deals at the Old Navy on State Street and Holly had a 30% off coupon. Who can resist that?! Sales tax of 10.25%?! MERCY.
My mom wanted a picture of me in front of the Macy's store window because my purple coat matched the decor, and, she added, "You could put the pic on your blog." So there you have it.
Laurie and the Macy's Window 2010
Here we are at The Walnut Room where we had brunch.
So fancy, and how 'bout that tree?!
At The Walnut Room a Fairy Princess comes around and sprinkles you with fairy dust. No kidding. This Fairy Princess was for real and she was as syrupy sweet as you could possibly imagine. I'm all about bringing on the (awkward) moments such as these....
My mom took this picture of the GAP store windows. I'm not exactly sure why GAP is embracing that year but 1969 was the year my parents were married. awwwww
And here you have my mom giving some love to the clarinet player who was bringing us some great jazz music as we waited to cross the street. He totally deserved it. This posed pic is inside the department store where we were checking out perfumes that cost more than I could sell my entire fall wardrobe for. Beautiful Christmas decorations, though!
We got some special treats while we were in the big city: Frango mints, Garrett's popcorn...but we ended the day with a trip to Ghiradelli Chocolate Shop and I got this:
Salted Caramel White Chocolate Mocha

There are no words.
Except maybe WOW.

It was a full day in Chicago and I had a blast...I LOVE Chicago.
Justin had everything totally under control when I got home:
The boys were already in bed and Charity was all pj'ed up and ready to lay down... AND the house was all picked up. Amazing, right? doesn't stop there. I'm getting another Girl's Day in Chicago (well, Schaumberg) this weekend with some friends.
How did I manage that?! I posed the question to one of my friends who also has 4 small kids: "I have no idea" was her response. haha.
But's because I have a great husband who even encouraged me to do both days away.
how blessed am I?! 
Hope you're enjoying great day, too!


  1. John's rootbeer and a panzaratta (however you spell it-from Jimmy's Grotto). Mmmmmm...

  2. What about a day with the guys? Golf anyone? :) May be a little chilly - but that means he will be home early to cuddle and warm himself up! :)

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  4. oh no! i know i'm only supposed to post once b/c of your special "drawing" feature for the giveaway...but i accidently deleted my comment instead of revising it! sorry...

    here it is: love the chicago pics; such a fun day!
    my thought on letting justin know you appreciate him: write little notes to him on a bunch of post-its (some funny, some serious) and put them up all around the house when he's gone and hide them in fun, unexpected places (even have the boys help you!)

  5. Movie night at the budget cinema. I'm free Friday. $4 and gas can't much cheaper than that. I also have a t.v. couch, and movies for an even cheaper night.

    I've got another one. Make him his favorite dinner and dessert, give him the appreciate plate, don't let him help with clean up. Hey I'm on vacation next week so I can keep an eye on the kids while you cook so he can watch ESPN or something.