Monday, March 14, 2011

so I've let you all in on the organization that is going on
full force here in the james house
serious organization
and no possession is considered sacred
except the coffee pot maybe
so when I asked Jon to take care of the top of his dresser
you know.....organize it
this is what I got
l to the o to the l
he was most proud of his piggy bank
sportin' the Badger hat
but I cracked up when I spotted the dueling
darth vader and helicopter pilot
well, pilot equipped with a light saber
so I guess the face-off is pretty equal

then I discovered an added bonus of my organization-
counting practice for my little 4Ker
how many bags of powdered sugar are there, Caleb?
are you sure?
that's a lot of powdered sugar
maybe I am a hoarder after all
the most popular answer I got
when I asked what I should do with all the powdered sugar?!
haha.  that won't happen
cause I don't want to pay shipping for sending sugar!

I'm really blessed with a great hubby
who's also a great daddy
this Saturday he played
Solo Daddy-e-o
while I went away to a hearts at home conference
a girls late night trip to bob evans for yummy stuffed pancakes
a full day of mommy encouragement
and all the chatting a girl could ask for with two of her fav gals

hope you had a refreshing weekend, too
happy monday.....full of later sunshine than last monday
and one day closer to spring than yesterday!

love, laurie for the fam
p.s. organization tips to come when I've got a couple more moments
at the computer

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  1. Now I'm hungry... your rendition of it looks spectacular! Can't wait to hear the organization tips!! You know me and organizing. :)