Thursday, March 17, 2011

i ran out of space.....

I can't post pics today because I ran out of space to store my pics on blogger?!  I didn't know that was possible....and I've accomplished this after 6 months of blogging.  Yay for a blogging anniversary!
So my post today will be short and (boo) won't include the pic of Charity and I embracing the camera after her bath.  There's something about snuggling with a freshly bathed baby all cozied up in only a warm towel.  And mine have always been super chipper in that state. 
I'm also marking yesterday on the calendar as the official "Charity crawls" day. 
Mixed was time for her to crawl.  I get that. 
But yesterday also brought an entire shelf of videos cleared off by my little sweetie pie.


I will confess I'm really tired this morning.  I will also let you know it's all Kiefer Sutherland's fault. 
Justin and I stayed up last night until after midnight watching the last 2 episodes of the final season of 24.  We always rent from Family Video a season behind so we can watch the episodes when we have time and when we don't have to go to bed on a huge "cliff hanger." 
We have no self control when it comes to Jack Bauer and his escapades.
But that won't be a problem in our lives anymore.....and it is bittersweet.

Well, here I sit "watching" Max & Ruby with the middlers and I am breaking my own rule of not blogging when my kiddos are awake.....and I have piano students coming in approx 18 minutes--they are always late-- (so I had better leave blogland)

Have a super thursday, all!
luck o'the irish to you all

Love, Laurie for the fam  


  1. Blogger does that to everyone... it sneaks up on you though- kinda like the new crawling baby sneaks up on you and you aren't prepared to have everything 'baby proofed'. :)
    Have a good day tired one-

  2. wow, 6 months!! that is impressive :) mine was a few years ;) but still wasnt expecting it!

  3. Oh yeah...that happened to me also! I think I just paid a few bucks and got massive photo storage? Anyways...miss the pictures today!:)

  4. Love he pics... very fun! I, too, have 3 boys and a little lady... mine are 5 & under! Good times in my house...never a dull moment! Nice to "meet" you (came over from "mommy girl's blog")